Waterline Data Makes its Data Catalog Available on Microsoft Azure

Waterline Data Makes its Data Catalog Available on Microsoft Azure

Source: Waterline Data

Waterline Data recently announced that its flagship data cataloging product is now available on Microsoft Azure HDInsight. The announcement was made by the company at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando. The Waterline Data Catalog was designed to deal with large data volumes by creating a real-time, virtual view of an organization’s data. The solution provides a “shop for data” interface to allow users to find the data they need for analysis.

In a statement to the press, the company’s CEO Kailash Ambwani said: “For many data-driven enterprises, the ability to remain competitive will rely heavily on the accuracy of their data, the speed in which they’re able to convert data into valuable insights and the ability to scale. With our ability to automatically profile and tag billions of rows of data and our advanced data fingerprinting techniques, Waterline is by far the most scalable and accurate data platform in the industry, helping customers cut data processing time by up to 10X.”

Earlier this year, Waterline Data unveiled a metadata discovery solution based on data virtualization technology, and serves as a platform for several of the company’s application, including its GDPR compliance application. The Metadata Discovery Platform creates a real-time, virtual view of an enterprise’s data and can power many applications at once.

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