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What to Expect at Dremio Subsurface LIVE Winter 2022 on March 2-3

What to Expect at Dremio Subsurface LIVE Winter 2022 on March 2-3

What to Expect at Dremio Subsurface LIVE Winter 2022 on March 2-3

“The Cloud Data Lake Conference”

What is Dremio Subsurface LIVE Winter 2022?

Dremio Subsurface 2022 is a technical conference tailored for data architects and data engineers. Subsurface will also be relevant for administrators for data warehouses (e.g., Snowflake, Redshift, Teradata), infrastructure engineers, and even technically minded key decision-makers. You’ll learn the latest information about important open-source projects driving innovation in cloud data lakes. You’ll learn from peers who are building cloud data lakes to solve for a wide range of use cases from data warehousing and BI to data science and advanced analytics.

And you’ll join a cloud data lake community that continues after the conference to help you network and discover tips, tricks, and best practices for making your own cloud data lake a success.

Why You Should Attend

Hear firsthand from technology experts, open-source innovators, data engineers, architects, and more on the trends and strategies propelling today’s cloud data lake ecosystem, including data lakehouses, ETL, orchestration, data quality, and visualization. Learn how to innovate with open-source technologies such as Apache Arrow, Apache Iceberg, Nessie, Delta Lake, Airflow, Dagster, Superset, Druid, Ranger, and more.


  • Dremio CEO Billy Bosworth
  • Founder and CEO of dbt Labs Tristan Handy
  • “Father of the Data Warehouse” Bill Inmon

About Dremio

Dremio offers a product called Data Lake engine that provides fast query speed and a self-service semantic layer that operates directly against data lake storage. The solution connects to S3, ADLS, Hadoop, or wherever enterprise data resides. Apache Arrow, Data Reflections, and other Dremio technologies work together to hasten query speeds, and the semantic layer enables IT to apply security and business meaning. Users do not have to send data to Dremio or have it stored in proprietary formats to access it.

Solutions Review named Dremio one of the Best Data Lineage Tools and Software to Consider for 2022 earlier this month.


You’ll receive an email with login instructions after you register and again the day before the event. The email will include your personal “magic link” which will automatically log you into the virtual event platform. From there you can set up your profile and familiarize yourself with the platform. On the morning of the conference, Dremiop will email you again to remind you that it’s about to start.

  • What: Dremio Subsurface LIVE: Winter 2022
  • When: March 2-3, 2022
  • Where: See registration page to attend free

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