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What to Expect at Solutions Review’s Data Demo Day Q4 2021 on December 16

What to Expect at Solutions Review's Data Demo Day Q4 2021 on December 16

What to Expect at Solutions Review's Data Demo Day Q4 2021 on December 16

What is Data Demo Day?

Data Demo Day for Q4 2021 is an exclusive virtual trade show featuring an inside look at the technologies of three prominent data management and analytics solution providers. Solutions Review is hosting this online event as a way to present the latest data management and analytics tools from the comfort and safety of your own desk, and the best part? It’s free to attend!

Join the largest data management and analytics practitioner community

Solutions Review Data Management and Analytics is the largest data software buyer and practitioner community on the web. Our Universe of Influence reach is more than 7 million business and IT decision-makers, as well as C-suite and other top management professionals. Our readers primarily use us as an enterprise technology news source and trusted resource for solving some of their most complex problems.

Our collection of vendor-agnostic buyer’s resources aim to help data management and analytics practitioners during the research and discovery phase of a buying cycle. This critical stage of information gathering is where buyers narrow down the field of solution providers to a short-list they plan to engage. The mission of Solutions Review is to make it easier for buyers of data management and analytics software to connect with the best providers.

Featured Solution Providers

Ahana 106Ahana offers big data analytics with capabilities that enable users to run ad hoc analysis on open-source PrestoDB. Its main offering is Ahana Cloud, a fully-integrated managed service for AWS. The product features self-service SQL analytics for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and product managers, It also includes in-VP managed services, flexible data source and catalog integration, and Presto-as-a-data-warehouse functionality. Ahana Cloud can be purchased via pay-as-you-go model so you only pay for what you use.

Atlan 106Atlan’s data workspace platform offers capabilities in four key areas, including data cataloging and discovery, data quality and profiling, data lineage and governance, and data exploration and integration. The product features a Google-like Search interface, automatic data profiling, and a searchable business glossary for generating a common understanding of data. Users can also manage data usage and adoption across an ecosystem via granular governance and access controls, no matter where your data goes.

Matillion 106Matillion offers data integration software for cloud data warehouses and was designed for Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery. The product works by allowing users to consolidate large data sets and quickly perform data transformations. It features expert technical support as well, all by Matillion solution architects, and comes free of charge. Full support is offered throughout the customer lifecycle, including trial and complex use case development.


What: The Solutions Review Data Demo Day, Q4 2021

When: Thursday, December 16, 2021, from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM Eastern

Where: Zoom meeting (see registration page for more detail)

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