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Yellowbrick Data Launches Distributed Cloud Web UI Yellowbrick Manager

Yellowbrick Data Launches Distributed Cloud Web UI Yellowbrick Manager
Yellowbrick Data Launches Distributed Cloud Web UI Yellowbrick Manager

Source: Yellowbrick Data

Yellowbrick Data today announced the launch of Yellowbrick Manager, a new web UI that offers a consistent management experience across all data warehouse deployments in distributed clouds. The company also unveiled its new Andromeda optimized instance for customers with data sovereignty or high-performance requirements. Yellowbrick added more agile data movement features to help users more integrate with data lakes built on cloud object stores as well.

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Yellowbrick Data offers a data warehouse for distributed clouds that lets customers deploy in private data centers, public clouds, and the network edge. It touts a modern, MPP analytic database designed for demanding batch, real-time, interactive and mixed workloads. Yellowbrick continuously implements the latest advances in software and hardware protocols and combines them with smart thinking about database architecture. As a result, Yellowbrick’s data warehouse is quickly provisioned and easy-to-use regardless of where it is deployed.

Yellowbrick Manager simplifies loading data, writing and editing SQL, and managing Yellowbrick databases. It is currently available in preview with the expectation that it will be generally available later in 2021. Yellowbrick has augmented its existing data lake integration features to include native object store connectivity. The new capabilities enable high-performance data loading and querying from files. This lets users load petabytes of data from object stores into Yellowbrick, orchestrated through Yellowbrick Manager, or via SQL using preferred tools.

In a media statement on the news, Yellowbrick Data CEO Neil Carson said “Data is becoming more distributed across private data centers, multiple clouds, and the network edge, creating significant data sovereignty and gravity challenges. Yellowbrick led the industry in hybrid cloud innovation. Next, bringing our data warehouse to distributed clouds will be transformative for businesses facing these challenges, especially as use cases like IoT analytics emerge in manufacturing, telecom, and logistics.”

Read Data warehousing for distributed clouds and The barriers keep falling: Announcing Andromeda and Yellowbrick Manager in the Yellowbrick blog to learn more.

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