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Zaloni Announces New Active Data Hub Cataloging Solution

Zaloni Announces New Active Data Hub Cataloging Solution
Zaloni Announces New Active Data Hub Cataloging Solution

Source: Zaloni

Zaloni has announced the release of its new Active Data Hub, a data catalog solution built into the Zaloni’s main Data Platform. The tool offers more than traditional, passive data catalog products in that it enables users to interact with, enrich and provision data from a curated catalog that hosts data from any source. Active Data Hub also allows organizations to launch the tool with a single line of business.

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Zaloni’s Active Data Hub helps users avoid the struggles typically involved in integrating a data catalog into an organization’s ecosystem of self-service tools. The solution acts as both the data catalog and the starting point of self-service activities that include data transformations and data provisioning. The company notes that its customers have used Active Data Hub to leverage data for new analytics use cases and regulatory compliance as well.

At its core, Active Data Hub is a unified data catalog. The tool helps users discover, catalog and ingest data from cross-enterprise sources, including relational database management systems and data lakes. Users can utilize the catalog to search, filter and group datasets based on all relevant business and technical data. There’s also an improved catalog view that allows users to customize the types of metadata that are highlighted on the quick view of the catalog.

Zaloni customers can prepare or enrich data directly from the catalog and write it to an analytic reporting environment. This eliminates the need to go back and forth between applications. As new data sets are enriched or actioned, they are automatically cataloged. Data consumers can also “shop” for data sets, add them to a shopping cart and provision the data for use in an existing enterprise data warehouse or data mart. Users can provision to the cloud or enable data to be accessed from data visualization software as well.

In a press statement, the company’s Vice President of Product Management Scott Gidley said of the release: “Zaloni’s Active Data Hub solution enables business users to not only understand the data but use it to deliver immediate business results without sacrificing data quality, governance, and security.”

Solutions Review named Zaloni one of The Best 28 Data Management Platforms for 2019 last October.

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