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Zaloni Arena 6.4 Brings Enhanced Data Pipeline and User Efficiency

Zaloni Arena 6.4 Brings Enhanced Data Pipeline and User Efficiency
Zaloni Arena 6.4 Brings Enhanced Data Pipeline and User Efficiency

Source: Zaloni

Zaloni announced the release of Zaloni Arena 6.4, the latest version of its DataOps platform that offers improved data pipeline efficiency. The updated features aim to hasten data discovery and data access requests and improve user productivity through customizable business glossaries and automated workflow triggers. Users can now request data access through Zaloni’s data catalog and speed up the process of data onboarding as well.

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Zaloni Arena operationalizes data along the entire pipeline, from data source to consumer. The product automates repeatable data management tasks and processes and provides central management of all enterprise data sources whether on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid. Zaloni is compatible with all major Hadoop distributions, most data processing engines, and applicable deployment models.

Zaloni Arena 6.4 notifies data owners to data access requests so owners can grant or deny access through an automated workflow while maintaining security and enforcing governance policies. Integrated and customizable business glossaries let you create an enterprise-wide glossary to enrich the data catalog, provide consistency and business context for data, and improve searchablity for business users. Automated data governance and operations through workflow triggers help to automate data operations and governance as well.

In a media statement on the news, Zaloni CEO Susan Cook said: “Once customers establish a DataOps foundation, many are looking at ways to continuously improve and optimize their data supply chain. Zaloni’s latest release provides new automated governance and data consumption features that deliver trusted data to end users faster than ever before.”

Watch Introducing Zaloni Arena DataOps platform on YouTube or click here to learn more.

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