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Zaloni Unveils Zaloni Arena Platform with DataOps Feature Suite

Zaloni Unveils Zaloni Arena Platform with DataOps Feature Suite
Zaloni Unveils Zaloni Arena Platform with DataOps Feature Suite

Source: Zaloni

Zaloni recently announced the launch of Zaloni Arena, a re-brand of its previously known Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP). The data management platform features a new user interface and a suite of DataOps capabilities that essentially make it a brand new product. According to the official press release, the new functionality “advances to reflect market shifts and customer-driven innovation.” Zaloni Arena enables DataOps via data unification, discovery, governance, metadata management, mastering and collaboration.

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Zaloni Arena operationalizes data along the entire pipeline, from data source to consumer. The product automates repeatable data management tasks and processes and provides central management of all enterprise data sources whether on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid. Zaloni is compatible with all major Hadoop distributions, most data processing engines, and applicable deployment models.

Zaloni Arena (Arena 6.0) includes a new persona-driven UI that streamlines the user experience to improve usability. There’s also cross-team collaboration with connection sharing so users can share and pre-authorize data connections to an array of data sources. Once shared, users are able to perform actions like data ingestion, transformation, or provisioning to a sandbox environment based on permissions.

The platform lets users quickly provision data from any source to any target. Data stewards and administrators also have the ability to define custom metadata attributes and apply data validation across catalog entities to ensure consistency and improve searchability. Arena users can assign zones as part of the data quality process as well, enabling them to improve pipeline efficiency and ensure zone governance compliance.

In a statement about the news, Zaloni CEO Susan Cook said: “Driven by an agile DataOps mentality, we are re-orienting our approach to delivering true end-to-end data management with the Arena 6.0 release.”

Click here to learn more about Arena, and here for a list of demos by use case.

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