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New Version of Caringo Swarm Enables Speedy Video Archive Access

New Version of Caringo Swarm Enables Speedy Video Archive Access
New Version of Caringo Swarm Enables Speedy Video Archive Access

Source: Caringo

Caringo has announced the release of Caringo Swarm 11, the company’s object storage platform. The release is highlighted by new capabilities that advance digital video workflow agility. Caringo Swarm 11 includes partial file restore, large file bulk upload in the content UI, file sharing, and backup to any Amzon S3 region. The product was designed for, and will be especially helpful to M&E and content-driven organizations that need to keep assets available.

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Caringo offers object-based technology for accessing, storing, and distributing unstructured or file-based data. Caringo Swarm provides private cloud storage that enables users to deploy storage clusters without being locked into proprietary hardware. The vendor also provides enterprise IT, medical, high-performance computing, and media and entertainment solutions. Caringo’s storage platform is available via private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Users also have the ability to scale on-prem with a mix of x86 hardware.

The new partial file restore feature in Swarm 11 can replace tape and allow clipping of large video files for turnaround of a specific portion of a video directly from the archive later for editing, internal sharing or streaming. Expansive CODEX support is available through an API for integration into Asset Management software with MP4-based clipping. Bulk uploading speeds up the ingestion process by writing data segments in parallel directly to the Swarm cluster.

The company’s CEO Tony Barbagallo (who we recently named one of the Coolest Storage CEOs) told Solutions Review in a statement: “With Swarm 11 we have exposed powerful capabilities in our UI that take the custom programming usually required out of the equation. This is an important advancement for our customers and their end users.”

To learn more about Caringo Swarm 11, click here.

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