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3 Enterprise Endpoint Security Insight Videos For 2020

Solutions Review Presents Our Endpoint Security Video Crash Course

3 Enterprise Endpoint Security Insight Videos For 2020

Want to check out some endpoint security insight videos to strengthen your cybersecurity posture? Alternatively, want to start your endpoint security strategy for 2020 by learning more about enterprise solutions? We offer three critical endpoint security insight videos to get a more complete view of these essential solutions. 

Endpoint security still matters for enterprise cybersecurity policies and strategies. Hackers continue to target enterprises via malware—through ransomware, cryptocurrency mining malware, fileless malware, and more. Moreover, the digital perimeter continues to erode, if it even exists at all. Something needs to keep watch over the gateways to your network. 

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In short, your enterprise needs a next-generation endpoint security solution. This may surprise some IT decision-makers, as identity has taken on new precedence in cybersecurity. However, as these three enterprise endpoint security insight videos explain, endpoint security proves as critical as ever. 

Three Enterprise Endpoint Security Insight Videos for 2020

1. What is Endpoint Security? 

If you take anything away from this list of endpoint security insight videos, know this: endpoint security doesn’t equal antivirus. 

Granted, antivirus represents a major component of endpoint security; this can help scan for malware, incorporate threat intelligence, and assist with remediation. However, assuming it represents the end-all and be-all of endpoint security leaves several key endpoint security capabilities on the table.  

For example, email security, one component of endpoint security, proves fundamental to blocking the majority of phishing emails. Firewalls, especially next-generation firewalls, can monitor digital traffic, track and block malicious or suspicious traffic and domains, and examine the messages of possible malware. With sandboxing, your IT security team can examine ambiguous programs and greyware to determine their motivations in a safe environment.  

Finally, endpoint detection and response (EDR) acknowledges the absence of the digital perimeter; instead of emphasizing prevention, it focuses on threat detection and remediation. It can discover the block threats in the pre-execution stage, investigate detected threats through analytics, and provide a centralized incident response interface.

All of this and more make up endpoint security. Check out our video for more!  

2. Evolution of Endpoint Security

Endpoint security insight videos rarely touch on how much these solutions have evolved from their legacy forms. The earliest forms of endpoint security evolved to handle the use cases of those early days of cybersecurity; meanwhile, those use cases no longer exist. 

Indeed, enterprises now need to contend with infrastructure changes brought about by the cloud and by bring-your-own-devices cultures. Additionally, Internet of Things devices alter the network and the need for visibility. 

Above all, endpoint security requires both flexibility and resilience to survive in the modern world. This video explores why. 

3. Top 3 Key Capabilities of Endpoint Security

We discussed some of the most critical endpoint security capabilities above. But which ones qualify as the most important to enterprise cybersecurity? Which tools should you prioritize when making your selection and deployment choices? 

To answer these questions, we cover the top capabilities in detail. Additionally, we describe other more obscure capabilities to give you an idea of how endpoint security can benefit your enterprise. 

Want more information? Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more upcoming endpoint security insight videos and other enterprise tech insights! You can also check out our 2019 Endpoint Security Buyer’s Guide; in it, we examine the top solutions providers and their key capabilities.

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