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Analysis: What is Data Loss Prevention for Enterprises?

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Analysis: What is Data Loss Prevention for Enterprises?

What is Data Loss Prevention for enterprises? How does it relate to modern endpoint security? Why is this capability so essential?

Data Loss Prevention refers to a set of tools and capabilities which ensure sensitive data stays protected. In other words, Data Loss Prevention your enterprise does not lose, misuse, or access by unauthorized users.

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Additionally, it enforces remediation with encryption and proactive alerts to secure the largest attack vector in your enterprise: your employees. Employees can accidentally or maliciously share your enterprise’s data, and in either case, your enterprise ends up at risk.

Therefore, Data Loss Prevention prevents end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside your corporate network. It may do so automatically or via business rules established by your administrators. Further, it can help your administrators control what data end users can even transfer in the first place.

As an example, you can prevent users from moving financial data from out of its network area. As a different example, employees may not store sensitive files in public networks.

Thus, this key capability monitors data on your corporate endpoints. Also, it can block unwarranted traffic and notify your IT security team of anomalies; this enables you to maintain visibility over sensitive data in your IT infrastructure.

How to Deploy Data Loss Prevention

This capability helps your enterprise defend against both insider threats and hackers who have penetrated your network. As such, it may prove essential for enterprises of all sizes.

To gain the benefits of this capability, your enterprise needs to embrace next-generation endpoint security. Only these solutions can possibly provide your enterprise with the capabilities necessary to secure corporate devices. Their key capabilities include antivirus, EDR, sandboxing, and port control.

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