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Carbon Black: The Cloud Solves 10 Endpoint Security Problems for SMBs

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Carbon Black: The Cloud Solves 10 Endpoint Security Problems for SMBs

Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) face numerous challenges in their endpoint security. Next-gen endpoint protection platform provider Carbon Black suggests a cloud-based solution can solve many of these problems. Carbon Black explores the power of the cloud:

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The Stakes in SMBs Endpoint Security

According to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations, 61% of breach victims were businesses with fewer than 1000 employees. Simultaneously, IDC research indicates 70% of all successful breaches begin at the endpoint.  

Why is this the case?

In Carbon Black’s estimation, the answer is simple. Traditional endpoint security can’t keep up with the modern expanding IT infrastructure. Neither can SMBs’ security staff stretched thin by the cybersecurity staffing crisis. In fact, 67% of cybersecurity professionals can’t keep their skills up-to-date because they are too busy.

Compounding these problems, SMBs lack a resource taken for granted by larger enterprises: time. Enterprises typically have a full IT team of experts able to handle their threat intelligence, perimeter and network monitoring, security updates, etc. SMBs, on the other hand, won’t have the resources to make time for all of these demands. At the same time, hackers don’t care about the size of the target but the value an attack can create.  

Endpoint Security and the Cloud

Cloud adoption and digital transformation are all the rage in the corporate world. It is no wonder why. The cloud creates an environment conducive to better work flexibility, more communication and collaboration, greater storage, and faster speeds for SMBs and enterprises alike.

However, taking your enterprise or SMBs to the cloud raises new questions about your endpoint protection platform. After all, where is your IT perimeter now that your SMBs’ databases, assets, and conversation exist off-premises? Yet at the same time, Carbon Black believes the cloud can answer these questions and solve problems SMBs can’t on their own.

As Carbon Black explains these include:

Preventing Modern Digital Threats

Unknown attacks—attacks traditional endpoint protection platforms can’t identify—are on the rise. These include fileless malware, which does not download a file as traditional malware does and thus eludes traditional signature detection. These attacks have achieved massive success on SMBs, and hackers have noticed. Traditional malware attacks only accounts for 30% of today’s attacks, in Carbon Black’s estimation.

60% of security experts working for enterprises and SMBs told Carbon Black their top challenge is discovering unknown threats. Their traditional endpoint protection platform doesn’t have the signatures to recognize these threats.

A cloud-based endpoint security solution, on the other hand, can leverage big data analytics from your entire network; it can provide a global monitoring system empowered by machine learning and predictive models to identify new kinds of digital threats.

Dealing with the Cybersecurity Staffing Crisis

The problem with modern cybercriminals? Attacking SMBs and enterprises—your livelihood—is their job. Cybersecurity experts discovered some time ago hackers are increasingly professionalizing. No longer are hackers creating malware in their basements for kicks. The substantial black market economy of hackers is oriented to supporting full-time professional hackers. They have on hand as many resources as your IT team to make their attacks profitable.

Yet simultaneously, 49% of SMBs’ security experts say lack of staffing and a skills shortage are top inhibitors to creating effective responses to threats. Without proper support, your team is likely to suffer from burnout and security inefficiencies. Areas of your network are likely to be neglected, allowing attackers to dwell and cause compounding damage to your business.

Carbon Black firmly states the cloud’s collaborative can provide the support your small business’ security team needs. A cloud-based endpoint security vendor can provide a network of remote defenders to assist your team with research, findings, and investigative capabilities.   

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