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Findings: Take A Proactive Approach To Endpoint Security

McDonald's Breach Could Have Been Much Worse

Findings: Take A Proactive Approach To Endpoint Security

Forrester Research, in partnership with Absolute Software, recently released a new study entitled Take A Proactive Approach To Endpoint Security. This study explores evaluate endpoint

security practices and the challenges associated with endpoint resiliency, especially as it adjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the report examines the evolution of the threat landscape during the work-from-home period. 

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Forrester Research is a technology-analyst house based in Cambridge, MA. It provides insights into current technology market trends and future trends, often through its Forrester Wave reports. Meanwhile, Absolute Software offers endpoint resilience to enterprises. Moreover, it can return devices to the desired state of safety and efficacy after malicious attacks or user error. 

According to the Take A Proactive Approach To Endpoint Security report, 66 percent of IT and security decision-makers stated that securing modern business environments requires a proactive approach to endpoint resiliency. The security leaders also cited compliance, enforcing security standards, and understanding the health of security controls as their top challenges. Moreover, only 38 percent said they can measure the ROI of their firm’s security investments. 

At the same time, enterprises and organizations used the work-from-home to reassess their endpoint security policies and capabilities. They began to secure remote-access capabilities and extended visibility as just two avenues of updating.  

Christy Wyatt, President and CEO at Absolute, gave a quote with the release of the study. “With remote and hybrid work environments solidifying their place in long-term business plans and operating models, there’s never been a greater need for endpoint security solutions that enable resilience, healing, and operational agility. Allowing employees to connect and remain productive no matter where they are, while also keeping company devices, data, and systems protected, is a critical capability defining the future of work.”

Learn more Forrester Research here. Learn more about Absolute Software

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