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HP Acquires Bromium For Endpoint Security Capabilities

Why Visibility Is the Most Important Endpoint Security Capability

HP Acquires Bromium For Endpoint Security Capabilities

Yesterday, endpoint security solution provider HP announced its plans to acquire Bromium. Bromium also serves as an endpoint security provider—HP partnered with them more than two years ago. In fact, Bromium powers HP’s Sure Click malware protection system in their commercial PCs. Neither provider commented on the financial or personnel terms of the acquisition agreement. 

However, HP did confirm it seeks to expand its endpoint security capabilities through the acquisition. Andy Rhodes, HP General Manager and Global Head of Commercial Systems, reiterated it in his own statement: “[The Bromium acquisition] extends our investments…and focus in this space and securing end point devices that are on the front lines of defense against cyber security attacks.” 

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According to press releases, Bromium protects by using virtualization-based (“micro-virtual machines”) security to isolate browser-based attacks and other cyber attacks. HP intends to completely integrate Bromium’s technology into its security platform. 

What HP’s Acquisition of Bromium Means For You 

First, Gartner contends the endpoint protection platform market has become mature. Indeed, this maturity often results in the vendors offering similar capabilities to handle similar use cases. However, it could also mean that the endpoint security could be poised for consolidation; a pattern may yet emerge wherein providers may acquire others as a means to enhance their capabilities. How that could affect your solution selections in the future may vary wildly.  

Additionally, the acquisition indicates that the market for endpoint security remains viable. While cybersecurity experts regard the paradigm-shifting to a detection model, prevention still matters. Only through prevention can you deter the majority of malware and ransomware attacks. Moreover, endpoint security can help improve visibility, mitigating and preventing dwelling threats from causing huge disruptions.  

You can read more about the HP acquisition of Bromium here. Also, you can read more about modern endpoint security in our 2019 Endpoint Security Buyer’s Guide. We cover the top vendors in the market in detail with their key capabilities. 

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