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Is There a False Sense of Security for Remote Employees?

McDonald's Breach Could Have Been Much Worse

Is There a False Sense of Security for Remote Employees?

Do you have a false sense of security concerning your remote employees? 

According to the “The State of Off-Prem Security” by WatchGuard, 92 percent of enterprises allow for remote employees. Moreover, the average employee receives 2 or more days of work-from-home policies per week. The vast majority of enterprises predict growth for their workforce of remote employees in the next three years.

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As WatchGuard notes in its report, remote employees are just as vulnerable to attacks as on-premises workers. Thankfully, enterprises seem to recognize this and take steps to protect their remote workforces. In fact, 85 percent express confidence in their ability to monitor their remote workforces. 88 percent express the same confidence in monitoring their remote employee use. 

However, WatchGuard discovered that 64 percent of IT administrators claim a remote worker suffered a cyber attack. While 90 percent use an endpoint security solution, 91 percent still feel concerned that an infected endpoint could introduce an infection into their network. Concerning endpoint security for the cloud, 90 percent still feel concern for sensitive data ending up in cloud storage.  

How to Secure Your Remote Employees

WatchGuard recommends installing multiple layers to your endpoint security, including DNS protection and VPNs. Additionally, you need to mandate employee participation with your endpoint security; you can ask that employees download your endpoint security to their devices. This ensures that remote employees receive the same monitoring and protection as your on-premises devices; obviously this is essential to preventing blind spots from forming in your environment.     

WatchGuard serves as a network security, firewall, and secure Wi-Fi solution provider. Also, you can read the full “The State of Off-Prem Security” report here.    

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