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Key Findings from the Acronis Cyber Readiness Report

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Key Findings from the Acronis Cyber Readiness Report

Acronis recently released the findings of its Acronis Cyber Readiness Report. This report examines the preparation level of businesses in the wake of the pandemic concerning their cybersecurity posture. The security provider surveyed  3,400 companies and remote workers from around the world over the summer. 

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Acronis is a global technology company that provides data protection and cybersecurity tools and solutions. Its technology works to handle safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security challenges. Additionally, it offers AI-based antimalware and blockchain-based data authentication technologies. 

According to the Cyber Readiness Report, companies struggle to adapt technologically to the changes demanded by the remote workforce. In fact, 92 percent of surveyed companies reported these challenges. Meanwhile, 31 percent of businesses report daily cyber-attacks, and 50 percent report weekly attacks. Also, 39 percent of organizations encountered a video-conferencing attack, and 63 percent witnessed a phishing attack. Yet only 2 percent of businesses take full advantage of URL filtering, a critical capability in preventing human error.

Moreover, 35 percent of companies reported more new devices connecting to their corporate network in the past three months. Around 10 percent of users might click on malicious links that lead to phishing attacks, highlighting the persistent risk of human error for businesses.

Serguei “SB” Beloussov, Founder and CEO of Acronis, gave a statement with the Cyber Readiness Report. The cyberthreat landscape has changed dramatically during the past few years, and in the last six months in particular. Traditional stand-alone antivirus and backup solutions are unable to protect against modern cyberthreats.”

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