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Key Findings from the Symantec Mobile Threat Intelligence Report

How Endpoint Detection and Response Secures Remote Workforces

symantec mobile threat

Endpoint protection platform provider Symantec released their Mobile Threat Intelligence Report, which compiles the mobile data collected from across the globe via mobile security agents and monthly security tests throughout 2017. These findings are of vital importance to enterprises of all sizes; employees are increasingly using their mobile endpoints to conduct their business affairs off-site. Bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) culture is taking hold in corporate workplaces across North America.

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We read through the report. Here are the key findings we learned from the Symantec Mobile Threat Intelligence Report:

  • Mobile malware variants increased 54% in 2017. Adware was the most common mobile malware family, and it saw the most dramatic increase of any mobile threat in 2017.
  • Greyware—programs deemed not sufficiently malicious on their own but which can create data leaks—was the third most common mobile threat family.
  • Only 3% of users have the latest operating system on their Android mobile endpoints. 41% of these users are using security patches 2 months old or older.
  • Even with a more sophisticated update deployment platform, 20% of iOS devices utilize outdated operating systems.
  • Risky Wi-Fi connections, an underappreciated mobile threat, increased 56% on average.
  • Certain cities saw a much higher increase in risky Wi-Fi connections: Boston saw an increase of 173%, and Washington D.C. saw 117%.
  • Over 4 in 10 enterprise mobile devices are exposed to a mobile threat every quarter.   

If your enterprise is considering implementing a BYOD corporate culture, you need to ensure you have mechanism or processes in place to ensure all mobile devices are sufficiently updated and are prepared to weather the mobile threat deluge. Otherwise, introducing these unsecured devices to your network will reduce your endpoint security to swiss cheese. Additionally, your enterprise must make sure your endpoint protection platform is compatible with all the different operating systems being introduced to ensure consistent protection.

You can read the Symantec Mobile Threat Intelligence Report here.

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