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Norton 360 Solution Spotlight: Key Features

Norton 360 Solution Spotlight: Key Features

Norton 360 Solution Spotlight: Key Features

Cyber-attacks continue to target everyone with even the remotest digital footprint. From global corporations to the everyday web-user, no one is truly safe from hackers and their digital tactics. Thankfully, providers now offer entire suites of tools to help even the less-than-tech-savvy protect themselves against external threat actors. Modern cybersecurity solutions go beyond the legacy antivirus offerings to also offer virtual private networks (VPNs), cloud storage, identity theft protections, and more.

In this Solution Spotlight from Solutions Review, we take a look at Norton 360. We introduce Norton 360 and what they offer in terms of bundles. Additionally, we link to a video installation guide to help you get started on using Norton 360’s VPN, Norton Secure VPN

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What is Norton 360? 

Norton 360 first appeared in 2007 as an antivirus solution from endpoint security provider Symantec. It went through several versions and updates before being discontinued in 2014. Yet in 2019, Symantec revived Norton 360 under the new corporate name Norton LifeLock to replace Norton Security tool. According to the provider, it builds on the legacy of the original Norton 360 solution while offering so much more.  

Symantec positions this tool as an “all-in-one security suite.” Among its features, it offers antivirus, malware protection, Cloud Backup, Smart Firewall, Password Manager, and a Secure VPN. The multilayered malware protection includes machine learning, intrusion prevention, and behavioral protections.

Moreover, the Norton 360’s Deluxe and with LifeLock Select bundles come with identity theft protection via DarkWeb Monitoring, Identity Alert Systems, and Credit Monitoring.     

What Makes Norton 360 Stand Out?  

Smart Firewall

Smart Firewall enables network security monitoring traffic into and out of your network. It can allow or block traffic based on defined security rules. Additionally, it can defend against unauthorized intrusions and cryptojacking malware, which can seriously impact your productivity.  

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup stores and protects important files and documents in a preventative manner. It helps ensure the files stay secure even after hard drive failures, theft, or ransomware attacks. Also, the Cloud Backup mitigates human error by protecting against accidental deletion of critical files. 

Norton Secure VPN

The Norton Secure VPN encrypts online activity data and allows for a secure connection to Public Wi-Fi; Public Wi-Fi is often easily subverted or infiltrated, making this critical for remote work. In fact, Norton 360 uses bank-grade encryption to help ensure secure communications stay so, even on unsecured WI-Fi connections.   

Password Manager

The Password Manager helps secure unique and complex passwords in an online vault. This helps ensure hackers can’t steal them and assists users in remembering them, mitigating a significant attack vector for hackers. 

How to Learn More About Norton 360? 

Take a look at our video from the Solutions Review Demonstration series for more on how to install Norton Secure VPN. You can also click on our affiliate link. You can learn more about endpoint protection platforms in our free Buyer’s Guide. In it, we discuss the top enterprise-level endpoint protection providers and their key capabilities. 

Be sure to also check out our Youtube channel for more videos on enterprise technology and trends.

Download Link to Endpoint Security Buyer's Guide


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