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Recent Study: Enterprise IoT Security Threats Increasing

IDC Survey Finds Over a Third of Businesses Hit by Ransomware

Recent Study: Enterprise IoT Security Threats Increasing

According to a recent study, enterprises now face the prospect of Internet of Things (IoT) security threats continuing to increase.

F-Secure, an endpoint security solution provider, measured the traffic to their global honeypot network. For context, honeypots serve as compelling decoy versions of your enterprise servers and databases. Therefore, you can trap hackers in a completely isolated environment from your real server. Also, you can use honeypots for research or pure cybersecurity purposes, creating versatile security options. 

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Importantly, F-Secure demonstrated in their Attack Landscape H1 2019 just how much IoT security threats appear to increase:

  • F-Secure detected close to 3 billion security events in their honeypot network during the first half of 2019. 
  • Of those, their Telnet protocol (which focuses on IoT devices) alone detected 760 million attacks. 
  • Overall, IoT security threats surged 300% in 2019. 
  • 99.9% of the malicious traffic to the IoT honeypots were automated attacks.     

Why IoT Security Threats Constitute a Serious Problem

Generally, IoT devices don’t possess any form of firmware cybersecurity whatsoever. Most IoT designers focus more on efficiency rather than security. Further, most IoT devices don’t receive any form of security patching or upgrades. Even if they do, the manufacturers may not alert their customers or make it easy to patch at all. Of course, hackers use the IoT as ideal attack vectors and penetration points into enterprise networks. 

Often, legacy endpoint security and endpoint management solutions don’t detect IoT devices; they become blindspots perfect for dwelling threats or man-in-the-middle-attacks. Only a next-generation endpoint security solution can detect IoT devices and protect them. 

IoT devices continue to proliferate in corporate networks. Do you have the right endpoint security to deal with the coming wave of IoT security threats? 

You can read the full F-Secure Attack Landscape H1 2019 here. Additionally, you can check out our 2019 Endpoint Security Buyer’s Guide for more on the top vendors and capabilities.

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