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Solutions Review Presents Our Endpoint Security Video Crash Course

Solutions Review Presents Our Endpoint Security Video Crash Course

Solutions Review Presents Our Endpoint Security Video Crash Course

Solutions Review presents our Endpoint Security Video Crash Course, courtesy of the Solutions Review Explores and Solutions Review Defines series. 

It remains unclear how long the United States needs to stay socially distant; best estimates put the reopening date well past May 1. Therefore, most of us shall need to stay at home. However, working from home can offer plenty of opportunities for growth and improvement. In fact, this break in normal workflows allows cybersecurity professionals to catch up on their endpoint security skills. Alternatively, social distancing may offer your IT security team the time to gather resources and information for selecting a new identity management solution. 

In that spirit, Solutions Review proudly presents an Endpoint Security Video Crash Course. These videos can help you refresh on the basic endpoint security and cybersecurity knowledge or help make strong IT decisions. 

Check out the videos here. Also, check out our Solutions Review Youtube channel for more on cybersecurity. 

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The Solutions Review Endpoint Security Video Crash Course

What is Endpoint Security? 

One of the most popular videos on the Solutions Review Youtube channel explores endpoint security as an overview. Endpoint security still matters, even though identity now forms the primary digital perimeter. It still works to help prevent threats from infiltrating endpoints and preventing it from lateral movements within the network. Additionally, it prevents data from leaving the IT environment without permission or from improper storage. 

Check out the video here.   

Evolution of Endpoint Security

Once upon a time, endpoint security-focused almost entirely on on-premises antivirus. However, since the advent of more identity-based threats and cloud environment migrations, the importance of antivirus wanes. Instead, endpoint security now provides diverse capabilities to help secure cloud environments and remote workforces. In this entry in our Endpoint Security Video Crash Course, we look at how solutions evolve and continue to evolve. 

Check out the video here

Top 3 Key Capabilities of Endpoint Security

Related to the above, we outline the top three capabilities of next-generation endpoint security for businesses in this video. While antivirus’ importance may have diminished in recent years, it still matters in deflecting or mitigating the effectiveness of ransomware attacks. Ransomware can absolutely destroy your business’ reputation and its workflows and data. 

Check out the video here

What is Disaster Recovery? 

What do you do if your endpoint security fails? How can your enterprise demonstrate the kind of cyber resilience necessary to mitigate the effects of data breach or malware attack quickly? The faster your enterprise can recover from a cyber-attack, the less the damage it can cause. Check out more about Disaster Recovery solutions here. 

Check out the video here

How to Learn More 

For more on Endpoint Security, check out our Free Buyer’s Guide. We cover the top solution providers and their key capabilities, as well as our own Bottom Line analysis. Endpoint security matters more than ever with social distancing mandating work-from-home en masse. Also, our guide covers remote workforce and Internet of Things (IoT) security capabilities and tools, essential modern information. 

Download Link to Endpoint Security Buyer's Guide

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