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Sophos Announces Acquisition of DarkBytes For MDR Services

Sophos Announces Acquisition of Braintrace for NDR Technology

Sophos Announces Acquisition of DarkBytes For MDR Services

Yesterday, endpoint protection platform provider Sophos announced their acquisition of DarkBytes. DarkBytes provides a unified security operations center services platform as well as managed detection and response capabilities (MDR).

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Neither Sophos nor DarkBytes revealed the details of the acquisition agreement. DarkBytes released their first products in 2018, which includes MDR and Security Orchestration Automation Response (SOAR) services; MDR detects and responds to digital intrusion and malware, enabling faster threat mitigation by security teams.

In an official press release Joe Levy, Chief Technology Officer at Sophos, shared his thoughts on the significance of the acquisition. “Sophos predicts that eventually all IT security products will evolve into adaptive, managed services as more organizations realize that they are unable to scale resources fast enough to respond to today’s threats.”

Additionally, Dennis Griffin, Founder and former CEO at DarkBytes, provided his own thoughts. “The endpoint is the new perimeter of cybersecurity. It’s where the attacks happen and where the data lives. We built our unified platform to simplify high-end security operations using the combination of endpoint sensors and cloud-delivered analytics as the best way to achieve this.”    

The Significance of the DarkBytes Acquisition

Sophos announced their acquisition of cloud security provider Avid Secure earlier this month. The two market moves in rapid succession appears to be no coincidence; Sophos seeks to expand their portfolio offerings in the endpoint protection and threat detection markets.   

Furthermore, the acquisition suggests a broader effort to expand the capabilities of endpoint security beyond its traditional boundaries. The enterprise digital perimeter becomes more porous and nebulous by the day; cloud adoption, BYOD, and work-from-home policies continue to gain traction.

In addition, the prevalence of endpoint detection and response (EDR)—another threat detection capability like MDR—in next-gen endpoint protection platforms indicates a shift in thinking from a preventative model to a “detect and remediate” model.

You can read more about the Sophos acquisition of DarkBytes here.  

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