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Symantec Announces Purchase of Appthority and Javelin Networks

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Symantec Announces Purchase of Appthority and Javelin Networks

Yesterday, endpoint security solution provider Symantec announced a double acquisition of Javelin Networks and Appthority. According to Symantec, both Appthority and Javelin Networks will be folded into its endpoint security business when the deals become finalized.

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Appthority is a solution provider offering mobile application security analysis. It can analyze mobile applications for malicious functions and data loss vulnerabilities. Domingo J. Guerra, Co-Founder of Appthority, said in a statement: “Mobile users increase the enterprise attack surface with each app they install.”

In a separate statement on the Appthority acquisition Adi Sharabani, Senior Vice President of Modern OS Security at Symantec, said: “Mobile apps are a critical threat vector that every company must address to protect their enterprise security.”

Javelin Networks detects Active Directory misconfigurations and backdoors. It is designed to prevent illicit reconnaissance and credentials misuse on the Active Directory, as well as protecting domain resources from the endpoint. These can include domain controllers, identities, and credentials.

On the Javelin Networks acquisition Javed Hasan, Senior Vice President of Endpoint and Data Center Products at Symantec, said: “In the cloud generation, identity management services, such as Active Directory, are a critical part of a user’s interaction with their organization’s applications and services. They are also a critical information repository that attackers regularly exploit.”    

Sources indicate Symantec intends these acquisitions to extend their security portfolio and improve their mobile endpoint security and their cloud security capabilities. The purchases also serve to supplement their Microsoft Active Directory protection.    

The terms of both deals have not been revealed at the time of writing. Symantec purchased another provider, Skycure, in July of last year—indicating an aggressive acquisition strategy in an increasingly competitive endpoint security market.    

You can read about the Symantec acquisition of Appthority here. You can read about the acquisition of Javelin Networks here.

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