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The 22 Top Endpoint Protection Platforms of 2019 for Enterprises



The evolution of the top endpoint protection platforms of 2019 proves pronounced, even to outside observers. Indeed, where once simple antivirus protections sufficed, now endpoint protection platforms adapt to a swiftly shifting threat landscape. Prevention no longer forms the bedrock of cybersecurity.

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Instead, the top endpoint protection platforms of 2019 embrace new detection technologies designed to uncover and mitigate threats quickly. Of course, these new capabilities include endpoint detection and response (EDR); EDR allows enterprises to detect potential penetrative threats and alert your IT security team. According to the 2018 EPP Magic Quadrant, technology research firm Gartner considers EDR a pivotal technology for modern digital perimeters.     

However, the top endpoint protection platforms of 2019 incorporate more than just EDR. They also require sandboxing, application control, port control, data loss prevention, and next-generation firewalls.

As Gartner once said, the endpoint security market is certainly mature. Yet that can present a challenge in finding the right solution for your enterprise’s use case. There, to help sort through the noise, Solutions Review presents the 22 top endpoint protection platforms of 2019, arranged alphabetically.

The 22 Top Endpoint Protection Platforms of 2019


Bitdefender The 23 Top Endpoint Protection Platforms of 2019 for EnterprisesBitdefender is a good choice for enterprises, small and large, valuing malware detection accuracy, performance, and full support for data center and cloud workloads from a single solution provider. Bitdefender’s recent market moves have focused on adding network security analytics and threat intelligence into their products; they now offer a monitored EDR solution.

Carbon Black.

Carbon Black The 23 Top Endpoint Protection Platforms of 2019 for EnterprisesLarge enterprises looking for a full range of protection, detection, and response capabilities will find Carbon Black a good candidate to replace or augment their legacy endpoint protection platforms. Gartner named Carbon Black a Visionary in the Endpoint Protection Platform Magic Quadrant for 2018. The Forrester Wave report named them a Strong Performer.

Check Point

Check Point The 23 Top Endpoint Protection Platforms of 2019 for EnterprisesCheck Point is ideal for SMBs without a dedicated IT department with their offer of a fully managed endpoint security service. The acquisition of Dome9 will allow Check Point to enhance their architecture and cloud security portfolio with multi-cloud protection capabilities and policy enforcement. Certainly one of the top endpoint protection platforms of 2019 to watch.


Comodo The 23 Top Endpoint Protection Platforms of 2019 for EnterprisesComodo’s features vary based on the operating system; its Windows protection is perfect for small businesses or mid-sized businesses, as its hands-off style will help overwhelmed IT teams. Moreover, their quarterly Global Threat Reports place them at the forefront of endpoint security threat intelligence. Comodo proves intriguing for enterprises looking for a default-deny approach.


GoSecure CounterTackLarger IT security teams can make the most of the depth the CounterTack products offer; Countertack emphasizes deep threat knowledge in their products and services. Additionally, it can provide comprehensive anti-malware to mid-sized and large corporations and integrates well other cybersecurity solutions. They recently bought GoSecure, taking its name.  

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CrowdStrikeThe 23 Top Endpoint Protection Platforms of 2019 for EnterprisesMost organizations will find Crowdstrike’s features beneficial, especially with the ability to combine EDR and anti-malware in a single agent. CrowdStrike also offers a managed threat hunting service for those concerned about ongoing issues and unable to divert IT resources to them. CrowdStrike was named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms.


Cylance The 23 Top Endpoint Protection Platforms of 2019 for EnterprisesRecently acquired by Blackberry, Cylance’s signatureless anti-malware provides an alternative to traditional, signature-based technology. It benefits from easy deployment and management, low-performance impact, and high detection rates against new threat variants. Plus, the company is a good pick for organizations of all sizes looking for an alternative to traditional anti-malware.


Druva The 23 Top Endpoint Protection Platforms of 2019 for EnterprisesDruva’s inSync offers a unique mixture of endpoint security and identity governance features, representing a cost-effective endpoint solution for complex data infrastructures. Also, Druva offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model and is a good fit for small to mid-sized enterprises. Customer reviews widely praise Druva.


FireEye FireEye offers cybersecurity solution architecture with a wide range of capabilities to help security teams detect, analyze, and protect against the advanced threats targeting enterprises today. Their solution is accommodating to businesses of all sizes, offering specially tailored solutions for small-and-medium-sized businesses.


ForcePointOne of the top endpoint protection platforms of 2019, ForcePoint is ideally suited to SMBs concerned about insider threats as much or more than external hackers. The tools Forcepoint offers makes it easy to track data throughout your network, which is ideal for SMBs dealing with copious data movement. ForcePoint was named to the Gartner 2018 Enterprise Network Firewalls Magic Quadrant.


Ivanti Ivanti’s solutions should appeal to small-to-midsized businesses without a dedicated IT team looking for easy deployment. With its visibility options and remote capabilities, it is ideal for mobile workforces or for data-transfer heavy industries. Ivanti uses Heat’s fully automated software, ideal for those looking for thoroughness in their operational endpoint security.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab The 23 Top Endpoint Protection Platforms of 2019 for EnterprisesKaspersky Lab’s products are well-regarded for their simple deployment and the thoroughness of their detection capabilities. Also, Kaspersky Lab offers a range of solutions and products for SMBs and large enterprises alike. The endpoint security vendor is well-known for its focus on internal innovations over external acquisitions.

LogMeIn Central

Central by LogMeIn The LogMeIn Central security portfolio includes anti-virus, patch management, proactive alerts, software inventory, and computer health monitoring, thereby providing a comprehensive package for enterprises struggling with perimeter security gaps or visibility issues. Additionally, they design their solution to automate manual processes and optimize resource allocation, both of which will benefit enterprises dealing with security staff shortages.


McAfee McAfee is a well-respected name in security, and their interface should be recognizable to most professionals even outside the IT fields. As such, SMBs will find it easy to transition to and deploy McAfee. In addition, they have labored to put themselves at the forefront of the endpoint security marketplace, resulting in them being named as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave.


MicrosoftGiven the ubiquity of PCs and Windows operating systems, implementation of Window’s Enterprise Mobility and Security will most likely prove straightforward and shouldn’t conflict with Microsoft applications. SMBs and large enterprises via PCs will find this easy to work with. Additionally, Microsoft has been named a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto NetworksPalo Alto utilizes a Wi-Fi connection for optimal performance, ideal for digitally transformed businesses; thus it belongs on this list of top endpoint protection platforms of 2019. For example, the company received HIP and Accountability Act (HIPAA) certification, which will appeal to a vulnerable industry. It can strongly suit enterprises hybrid security systems.


RSA RSA offers lots of solutions, which means that some SMBs and larger enterprises might find them an all-in-one solution for their endpoint security needs. IT professionals will find RSA functional and straightforward; it will provide good protection for all endpoints on your network. RSA’s threat detection capabilities are more than capable of fulfilling enterprise needs.


SentinelOneAs a solution, SentinelOne aims to block malicious activity during the initial download phases as part of its complete solution. Often, SentinelOne is a good prospect to replace or augment existing EPP solutions with a solution with comprehensive EDR capabilities. Gartner named them a Visionary in their 2018 Endpoint Protection Platforms Magic Quadrant report.


Sophos Endpoint Security PlatformsSophos is specifically targeted to enterprises rather than SMBs. Also, Sophos can provide a cloud-based administration, unified endpoint and gateway integration and protection against next-generation threats. Therefore enterprises will find Sophos ideal for their full EPP or supplemental needs.


SymantecSymantec continues to receive high industry praise; they were named to the Gartner Magic Quadrant and the Forrester Wave as a Leader. Indeed, Forrester, in particular, made note of their focus on user experiences and customer demands as well as on their threat prevention. Also, experts rank their solution as one of the most thorough and secure.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Endpoint Security PlatformsIn 2018, Trend Micro was named a Leader in both the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms and the Forrester Wave for Endpoint Security Suites. Both speak to Trend Micro’s comprehensiveness and its innovation. Also, it should fit with the needs of any buyer, SMB and large companies alike, for endpoint security, data protection, and cloud security needs.


webroot Endpoint security platformsWebroot’s lightweight nature means it can serve as an additional tool for larger companies interested in adding a new layer of protection to their existing endpoint security solutions. Moreover, it can also be a main EPP for SMBs looking for more lightweight solutions to their malware protection. Webroot has OEM relationships with third parties that leverage its threat intelligence.

Finally, if you would like to learn more about the 22 top endpoint protection platforms of 2019, check out our Buyer’s Guide. We cover each of the vendors here in greater depth, including their key capabilities!

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