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The Secret to Great Incident Response is Employee Training

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The Secret to Great Incident Response is Employee Training

Having a next-generation endpoint security solution can help insulate your enterprise from malware. But what happens when malware or a threat actor penetrates your network? That’s where incident response steps in…and surprisingly, employee training. 

Incident Response refers to the cybersecurity processes that trigger when your IT security team detects a threat. Ideally, your incident response establishes clear lines of communication from your IT department to your employees. For example, your employees should know who to alert if they suspect a cyber attack. Conversely, your IT team should understand how to convey messages of alerts and all-clears to your employees. 

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Moreover, incident response outlines the chains of communication within your incident response team and other relevant departments (like legal). In other words, incident response prepares for the worst by streamlining communications and establishing roles; therefore, it mitigates damage and reduces dwell time. 

But the keyword here is “prepares”

Why Incident Response Needs Employee Training 

Imagine trying to perform a task you barely understood, and for which your job could depend. Imagine for a moment those feelings of desperation as you try to put together half-remembered instructions as the clock ticks down. 

Hopefully, you don’t have to experience that with your incident response with employee training. If you don’t train them to follow the process consistently, then you might as well have done nothing at all. Instead, you should train your entire enterprise in your incident response on a regular basis. In fact, you may want to consider monthly training sessions, which you can conduct in the same manner as fire drills. 

Regular training ensures employees know to stay calm and communicate in full during security events. Moreover, these regular training sessions allow you to evaluate your incident response in detail. Are there potential faults you need to redress? This knowledge proves essential in finding and closing vulnerabilities before they affect your threat mitigation.

But even with all this preparation, don’t forget to use next-generation endpoint security to support your enterprise!

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