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Top 6 Endpoint Security Videos You Should Be Watching In 2018

Solutions Review Presents Our Endpoint Security Video Crash Course

Endpoint Security Videos top 6

Last week, we shared the best videos we could find on SIEM, exploring its functions, innovations, and possible future. Today, we do the same for endpoint security. Endpoint security is the workhorse of cybersecurity; often not as flashy as IAM’s biometric authentication or SIEM’s log analysis capabilities, but necessary to any comprehensive digital security network. And videos are an excellent way to learn more in an engaging way.

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With that in mind, here are our top 6 endpoint security videos:

1. Cyber Insecurity: Why You Are The Vulnerability | John LaCour | TEDxCharleston

This lecture by John LaCour, a former hacker and cybersecurity expert, lays out just how easy it is for hackers to exploit people’s blind trust and carelessness online. He goes into a lot of practical examples on phishing and spear-phishing tactics. The Ted Talk is a few years old—new phishing tactics are being created all the time—but it can be a great start to get your enterprise aware of the risks and start working with rather than against your endpoint security solution.

2. Safety Issues in Advanced AI by RSA Conference

Here’s another video from just a few years back but no less relevant with time! Nick Bostrom, Professor at the University of Oxford and Director of the the Future of Humanity Institute., discusses the safety issues inherent to advancements in AI. With the rise of machine learning, the IoT, and even chatbots with emotional simulation capabilities, understanding how to protect against AI as much as working with it will be more important than ever for endpoint security. It’s a longer video and it isn’t explicitly about cybersecurity, but remember this: hackers will be watching these innovations closely, and will be far less restrained in using them.

3. Cyber Crime Isn’t About Computers: It’s About Behavior | Adam Anderson | TEDxGreenville

This Ted Talk by Adam Anderson, ex-NSA agent and IT specialist, discusses the problem with risk behavior—the kind everyone from most privileged user to lowest employee engaged in. He also works to dispel a few common myths or misconceptions about cybersecurity, replacing that sense of invincibility employees might feel about their digital actions with some caution. This can be a good training video, either directly to facilitate your own lessons.

4. Top Five Emerging Cybersecurity Challenges | Srini Sampalli | TEDxDalhousieU

One more Ted Talk. This is from Srini Sampalli, a Professor of Computer Science at Dalhousie University. He goes over the biggest risks facing enterprises today, and explores them with the goal of describing the cyber defenses most effective against them. You can pair this video with the video above from Forsythe in determining the effectiveness of your endpoint security platform and your awareness of where you might be most vulnerable.

5. Why Most Cyber Security Training Fails and What We Can Do About it By Black Hat

This lecture by Arun Vishwanath explores the best practices in training your employees, and why some of the more common methods of teaching employees cybersecurity fail. It’s part of the recurring theme we see in endpoint security and security in general: the best solutions in the world cannot stop employees from indulging in their laziness, ignorance, or both. Traditional teaching methods have proven more than ineffective. You might want to see where you’re falling short.

6. Rise Of Machine Learning: Advancing Security With ML

This video from fellow cybersecurity reporting site Dark Reading features a conversation with Hal Lonas of Webroot. He talks about machine learning in more depth, explaining how the new AI tool can learn from experience and recognize threats faster than the human eye ever could. It’s not a long video, but it can help get your bearings on a component that is rapidly gaining traction in the endpoint security market. We do apologize about the link.

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