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Top Six Books On Endpoint Security and Ransomware for Pros

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Top Six Books On Endpoint Security and Ransomware for Pros

Solutions Review compiles the 6 essential books on endpoint security and ransomware that professionals need to add to their reading lists.

Endpoint Security still represents a critical cybersecurity component for businesses. Whether it is preventing and remediating ransomware or initiating data loss, endpoint security continues to influence the cybersecurity discourse.   We’ve listed the top six books on endpoint security professionals should add to their reading lists. These books are intended for beginners and experts alike and are written by authors with proficiency and/or recognition in the fields of endpoint protection and cybersecurity.

Be sure to also consult our Endpoint Security Buyer’s Guide for information on the top solution providers. It’s the perfect resource if you don’t want your organization to suffer from ransomware and other malware.

Note: Titles are listed in no particular order.

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Top Six Books On Endpoint Security and Ransomware for Pros

The Endpoint Security Paradox: Realising Implementation Success

By Andrew Avanessian

This book is essential reading for security and IT professionals with responsibility for endpoint security. Andrew Avanessian shares his vast experience of project success at some of the most recognisable global brands, with a unique perspective on common challenges. Andrew will discuss the polarised opposites of security and usability, exploring the limitations of typical tools and technologies used to combat today’s advanced threats. He will provide clear recommendations, tips for implementation success and advice on vendor selection, creating a guide to adopting a proactive security approach that is proven to work in the real world. “ 

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Defensive Security Handbook: Best Practices for Securing Infrastructure

By Lee Brotherston and Amanda Berlin 

For companies obliged to improvise, this pragmatic guide provides a security-101 handbook with steps, tools, processes, and ideas to help you drive maximum-security improvement at little or no cost. Each chapter in this book provides step-by-step instructions for dealing with a specific issue, including breaches and disasters, compliance, network infrastructure and password management, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing, among others. Network engineers, system administrators, and security professionals will learn tools and techniques to help improve security in sensible, manageable chunks.” 

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Digital Privacy and Security Using Windows: A Practical Guide

By Nihad Hassan and Rami Hijazi

Digital Privacy and Security Using Windows offers a comprehensive list of practical digital privacy tutorials in addition to being a complete repository of free online resources and tools assembled in one place. The book helps you build a robust defense from electronic crime and corporate surveillance. It covers general principles of digital privacy and how to configure and use various security applications to maintain your privacy, such as TOR, VPN, and BitLocker. You will learn to encrypt email communications using Gpg4win and Thunderbird.


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Ransomware Revealed: A Beginner’s Guide to Protecting and Recovering from Ransomware Attacks

By Nihad A. Hassan

Ransomware attacks are considered the most prevalent cybersecurity threats today―the number of new ransomware variants has grown 30-fold since 2015 and they currently account for roughly 40% of all spam messages…Ransomware Revealed discusses the steps to follow if a ransomware infection occurs, such as how to pay the ransom through anonymous payment methods, perform a backup and restore your affected files, and search online to find a decryption tool to unlock (decrypt) your files for free. Mitigation steps are discussed in depth for both endpoint devices and network systems.”

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Preventing Ransomware: Understand, prevent, and remediate ransomware attacks

By Abhijit Mohanta, Mounir Hahad, and Kumaraguru Velmurugan. 

Preventing Ransomware starts by explaining the basics of malware, specifically ransomware. The book provides some quick tips on malware analysis and how you can identify different kinds of malware. We will also take a look at different types of ransomware, and how it reaches your system, spreads in your organization, and hijacks your computer. Then, we move on to how the ransom is paid and the negative effects of doing so. You will learn how to respond quickly to ransomware attacks.


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Ransomware: Defending Against Digital Extortion

By Allan Liska and Timothy Gallo

Security experts Allan Liska and Timothy Gallo explain how the success of these attacks has spawned not only several variants of ransomware, but also a litany of ever-changing ways they’re delivered to targets. You’ll learn pragmatic methods for responding quickly to a ransomware attack, as well as how to protect yourself from becoming infected in the first place.


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Thanks for checking out our list of top six books on endpoint security for professionals. Be sure to also check out our Endpoint Security Buyer’s Guide.

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