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Trend Micro Detects a 10 Percent Rise in Ransomware

2019 Annual Security Roundupe Predictions for 2019 with RackWare

2019 Annual Security Roundupe Predictions for 2019 with RackWare

Trend Micro released its 2019 Annual Security Roundup. This report examines the complex and persistent threats riddled the cybersecurity landscape of 2019, including ransomware. Additionally, Trend Micro seeks to provide insights into navigating across the evolving threat landscape. Among its findings, ransomware discovered a 10 percent increase in ransomware detections. 

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Trend Micro offers hybrid cloud security, network defense, and user protection solutions, the latter of which includes endpoint security. Its endpoint protection platform, Apex One, offers automated threat detection and response and EDR. Moreover, it provides strong SIEM integration and an API set within a single agent.       

In the 2019 Annual Security Roundup, Trend Micro detected a decrease in the number of new ransomware families despite the overall attack increase. Additionally, the provider found that ransomware groups formed alliances in 2019 for more effective attacks. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the healthcare industry remains the most targeted by ransomware; meanwhile, government and education sectors were also highly targeted. In its report, Trend Micro notes the ransomware increase may stem from the continued payment of ransomware. Enterprises do so to speed up the recovery of data and workflows, even as it encourages future attacks.  

Jon Clay, director of global threat communications for Trend Micro, shared his thoughts on the 2019 Annual Security Roundup. “Digital transformation has been a business buzzword for decades, and the concept has yielded very positive results over time. But security is often an afterthought, which leaves digital doors wide open for cybercriminals.” 

“Despite the prevalent ideals of digital transformation, lack of basic security hygiene, legacy systems with outdated operating systems and unpatched vulnerabilities are still a reality. This scenario is ideal for ransomware actors looking for a quick return on investment. As long as the ransom scheme continues to be profitable, criminals will continue to leverage it.”

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