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Two Studies Lend Insight Into Endpoint Security Market

IDC Survey Finds Over a Third of Businesses Hit by Ransomware

Two Studies Lend Insight Into Endpoint Security Market

Two recently released studies lend businesses of all sizes new insights into the endpoint security market. These studies should guide enterprise IT decision-makers in navigating the endpoint security market. 

Here are the major takeaways from the two recent studies in the endpoint security market. We hope this enlightens your endpoint security selection process.  

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Two Studies in the Endpoint Security Market

Panda Security

Endpoint security solution provider Panda Security released the “Panda Security Threat Insights Report 2020.” In it, they share a few key insights. First, ransomware continues to pose a serious and persistent threat; after all, it only takes a single errant click to suffer a ransomware attack. Additionally, fileless attacks are seen as an area of increasing concern, as hackers embrace the more difficult to detect malware form.   

Panda Security notes the importance of proactive threat hunting to detect malicious behavior. Simply trying to prevent malware through a digital perimeter can no longer suffice. Your endpoint security requires more active capabilities. 

Ponemon Institute 

The Ponemon Institute, sponsored by Morphisec, released the Third Annual Study on the State of Endpoint Security Risk. In it, researchers found that 68 percent of IT security professionals suffered through a successful endpoint attack within the past year. Additionally, the cost of suffering an endpoint security attack continues to rise. Currently, a breach costs an average of close to $9 million.

Worse, the Ponemon Institute found that analysts believe the frequency of new previously unknown attacks to double in the coming year. In fact, it should constitute 42 percent of all malware offensives. 

Learn more about the Ponemon Institute here and about Morphisec here. Learn more about Panda Security here. Check out our free Endpoint Security’s Buyer Guide here.

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