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[VIDEO]: The Evolution of Endpoint Security for Enterprises

Solutions Review Presents Our Endpoint Security Video Crash Course

[VIDEO]: The Evolution of Endpoint Security for Enterprises

The editors of Solutions Review proudly announce the latest episode of Solutions Review Explores! This video series dives into the most critical categories and nuances of enterprise technology. In this episode, Jonathan Paula explores the Evolution of Endpoint Security. You can watch our deep dive into the history and future of technology—the Evolution of Endpoint Security—here. 

Of course, the evolution of endpoint security can’t help but touch on what we now call legacy antivirus solutions. After all, they provide the foundation to modern endpoint protection platforms. However, the evolution of endpoint security takes enterprise cybersecurity far beyond the original scope of antivirus. Here’s how. 

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Why The Evolution of Endpoint Security Matters

Antivirus can’t possibly keep up with the demands of modern enterprise infrastructures. Remember, antivirus evolved to handle specific use cases for the early days of cybersecurity. It works to protect digital perimeters for on-premises endpoints and for on-premises storage. Moreover, it works best deployed across a few endpoints rather than huge communities of devices. 

Does that even remotely sound like your enterprise infrastructure? Most likely, that description doesn’t fit with any major business of the past five years. More and more enterprises look to digitally transform and embrace cloud infrastructures. Additionally, more businesses seek to embrace bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) culture and to accommodate remote workforces. As such, the number of enterprises needing protection continues to swell. 

Adding to these issues, hackers continue to evolve their own strategies and technologies to conduct more effective cyberattacks. Legacy antivirus doesn’t have the capabilities or the threat intelligence to repel or respond to these new threats. Also, this doesn’t even begin to cover the difficulties inherent in protecting the IoT

Thus the evolution of endpoint security shows the flexibility and durability of modern cybersecurity. Indeed, it needs to adjust to new threats and new network participants. Your enterprise wouldn’t use outdated business processes. Don’t use outdated cybersecurity. 

You can watch the full “Evolution of Endpoint Security” video here. Moreover, you can learn more with our Endpoint Security Buyer’s Guide. Also, make sure you also check out our full YouTube channel for more exclusive enterprise technology content!

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