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WatchGuard Announces Acquisition of Panda Security

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WatchGuard Announces Acquisition of Panda Security

WatchGuard recently announced its complete acquisition of Panda Security. The former announced its definitive intentions to purchase the endpoint security solution provider in March. According to the press release, Panda now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of WatchGuard. 

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WatchGuard operates as a network security solution provider. It offers secure Wi-Fi, multifactor authentication, firewall appliances, and reporting and visibility. Also, it offers specialized cybersecurity solutions for small and midsize businesses. Panda Security offered advanced endpoint protection, with emphasis on endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities. It also provided systems management, data loss prevention,  and malware protection.  

Through its acquisition of Panda Security, WatchGuard continues its work in supporting mid-market businesses’ endpoint security. It announced a new early access program to allow customers and partners to deploy Panda products early through the Panda Security Early Access Program; in fact, it aims to provide an expanded portfolio of security solutions with an eye towards consolidation.

Prakash Panjwani, CEO of WatchGuard Technologies, shared his thoughts on the acquisition. “Our customers and partners need access to enterprise-grade security built for the unique needs and requirements of the midmarket. WatchGuard is focused on delivering these security services via an MSP-focused security platform that simplifies every aspect of security delivery… The completed acquisition of Panda Security, and the subsequent integration of its portfolio into WatchGuard Cloud, represents a significant milestone for the company and will result in both immediate and long-term benefits for our customers and partners that will address common challenges with security complexity, rapidly changing network topologies, purchasing models, and more.” 

Learn more about WatchGuard here. 

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