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LionOBytes Upgrades CRM and ERP Solution With Manufacturing Module

LionOBytes Upgrades CRM and ERP Solution With Manufacturing Module

LionOBytes Upgrades CRM and ERP Solution With Manufacturing Module

LionOBytes announced today that it has added an advanced manufacturing module to its flagship CRM and ERP solution, LionO360. With Bill of Materials (BOM) and work order processing and finished product features, this new module is designed to help small-to-medium-sized manufacturers and assembly businesses improve demand forecasting, refine intelligent supplies and production planning, increase product quality, and gain greater visibility into their sales pipeline.

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LionOBytes’ CRM solution, known as LionO360, empowers small and medium-sized businesses to automate business processes. Drive leads through your pipeline and increases your close rate with powerful sales process automation. Users have easy access to everything they need to know on a single page, and can review important information from their phone or tablet. With LionO360, customers can increase their business value with a customizable, cloud-based solution that helps increase sales, nurture customer relationships, and drive growth.

With the new manufacturing module, companies can define processes for quick delivery capability to produce customized products and identify the status of assembly parts. The BOM feature provides inventory management, enabling users to avoid excessive inventory holding costs. The platform can also improve scheduling and cost accounting, saving money and ensuring that all professionals involved in the process are synchronized in real-time through a centralized inventory dashboard. Users can also create automatic alerts for reordering assembly parts and create manufacturing orders to oversee complex jobs.

“Manufacturers face a host of challenges that often lead to disruptions across their sales and fulfillment operations,” says Arun Upadhyay, CEO and Founder of LionOBytes. “Many of these issues come from a lack of cohesion among multiple systems used for tracking inventory, bill of materials, creating work orders and more. LionO360’s new manufacturing module combines all these processes into one business management solution, helping companies increase efficiencies, reduce errors, and control costs.”

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