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NorthScope ERP Adds Food Production and Sales Features

NorthScope ERP Adds Food Production and Sales Features

Source: NorthScope

NorthScope ERP Software has recently added a variety of improvements to its NorthScope ERP, including transactions to help its users improve efficiency when planning food production and making sales. These new transactions include Production Orders and Sales Quotes. With Production Orders, users can keep track of inventory produced in the future; Sales Quotes allows users to generate sales quotes, which can then be converted into a Sales Order.

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NorthScope provides ERP software for food manufacturers created by the Northlake Partners (NLP) to specifically support the Alaska Seafood, Fruit and Vegetable, Aquaculture, and Primary Food Processing industries. Since 2008, NLP has been providing ERP software and step-by-step guidance for food manufacturers, giving them the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted.

In addition to the new Production Order and Sales Quote transactions, NortScope’s Q2 developments include new features and improvements for all areas of food manufacturing, including inventory lot management, invoicing, brokerage settlements, customer management, reporting, and more, in addition to hyper-focused industry feature improvements such as those pertaining to fisherman loan, Fish Ticket, fisherman, and tender management.

“We know how important forecasting and planning are to food businesses and their success. Adding the ability to plan ahead with inventory production and to send out quotes before going through all the work of preparing a sales order gives our users a clear picture of what they’re working towards,” says Jacob Swanson, Development Manager at NorthScope Development.

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