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Take These Courses to Become a Supply Chain Expert

Take These Courses to Become a Supply Chain Expert

Take These Courses to Become a Supply Chain Expert

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list to spotlight some of the best training courses an industry professional should take to become a supply chain expert. Solutions Review participates in affiliate programs and may make a small commission from products purchased through this resource.

Supply chain management is a complex process requiring various skills and experience in multiple fields. While there are plenty of technologies to help—like supply chain management and supply chain planning (SCP) software—nothing can replace the value of well-earned expertise. With the supply chain training courses listed below, you can continue to develop your existing skills and knowledge or prepare yourself with the qualifications companies are looking for in their employees.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of the best online supply chain training programs. These are comprehensive programs designed for the industry professional looking to become a certified supply chain expert. You can click the GO TO TRAINING link to learn more about each course and register. Each class is listed alphabetically by the name of the online learning platform it’s available on.

The Best Courses for Supply Chain Experts

Course Title: Supply Chain Management Specialization

OUR TAKE: This specialization program consists of five courses, each developed to introduce you to supply chain management and equip you with the insights and tools you need to understand the many trends in the global networked economy.

Provider: Coursera

Description: Designed to be an entryway to the more advanced Supply Chain Excellence MasterTrack Certificate, this specialization program covers the fundamental basics of supply chain management that aspiring professionals need to understand. The five courses included in the program can also be taken individually and cover topics like supply chain logistics, operations, planning, sourcing, and management strategies. The program is offered by Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and is taught by Rudolf Leuschner, Ph.D., an associate professor specializing in supply chain management.


Course Title: Supply Chain Analytics in Python

OUR TAKE: Expand your supply chain analytics skills and knowledge base with this four-hour training course, which introduces you to PuLP, an optimization modeling in Python that can help optimize and improve your supply chain processes.

Provider: DataCamp

Description: Analytics is an essential tool in any supply chain strategy, as it helps professionals make more informed decisions, identify areas for optimization, and experiment with new ideas via sensitivity and simulation testing. This course can help supply chain professionals improve their analytics skills with four hours of material covering PuLP, a Linear Program optimization modeler in Python, supply chain optimization, evaluating existing models, testing prospective models, and improving supply chain decision-making. 


Course Title: Supply Chain for Management Consultants & Business Analysts

OUR TAKE: This higher-level course is designed for supply chain managers, analysts, and consultants looking to analyze a supply chain and identify new, innovative ways to improve it.

Provider: Udemy

Description: This course uses a combination of video lectures, practical case studies, and almost fifty downloadable resources to help supply chain professionals optimize or learn the skills they need to manage and optimize supply chains across industries. According to instructor Asen Gyczew, the primary things students should learn from the course are understanding supply chain activities, finding savings in supply chain management, calculating those potential savings in Excel, and optimizing a supply chain to boost productivity and quality.


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