The 5 Best Biometric Authentication Platforms of 2018

The 5 Best Biometric Authentication Platforms of 2018

One of the greatest challenges in traditional modern identity and access management, for employers and employees alike, is secure authentication. While passwords have long dominated the authentication discourse, employees hate passwords and single-factor authentication overall as it tends to result in easily stolen, forgotten, or lost credentials. Relatedly, employees both regular and privileged are still using some of the most basic and crackable passwords of all time, including “12345.” Whether lost or guessed, passwords can put your entire enterprise at risk—especially if you employ single sign-on (SSO) and privileged identities.   

This marked disdain for passwords parallels a deep trust for biometric authentication platforms across industries, enterprises, and customers. Surveys overwhelmingly find that employers and employees believe biometrics are a far more secure and convenient authentication factor than passwords. Most consumers and employees around the world are already comfortable using biometric authentication platforms. All mobile endpoints and smartphones are poised to accommodate fingerprint biometric capabilities within the next few years. The biometrics revolution is well underway. 

Biometric authentication platforms can help your enterprise foster multifactor authentication, SSO, and identity security, creating an overall stronger perimeter. But biometric authentication platforms can be difficult to deploy, maintain, and manage—and may be difficult to replace if your first choice of solution isn’t the right fit. To help your enterprise make the right choice the first time around, Solutions Review presents the 5 best biometric authentication platforms of 2018, listed in no particular order:   


The 5 Best Biometric Authentication Platforms of 2018 CrossmatchCrossmatch is working to eliminate human error by password while driving more secure options to users with context and policies. The Crossmatch biometric authentication solution can work well with mid-sized and enterprises in the public sector.


Centrify The 5 Best Biometric Authentication Platforms of 2018

Centrify’s biometric authentication platforms is heavily intertwined with their MFA solutions, while still allowing for flexible deployment for enterprises. Their solutions suite is a strong choice for organizations with hybrid IT environments. Enterprises and SMBs will find them lightweight and well-suited to mobile.   

Fischer International Identity

fischer The 5 Best Biometric Authentication Platforms of 2018

Fischer’s comprehensive authentication capabilities will match the needs of SMBs and larger enterprises alike, with their biometric capabilities helping to manage access across the organization. Fischer’s architecture should eliminate the need for customization.

Identity Automation

identity The 5 Best Biometric Authentication Platforms of 2018

Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity is a smart choice for organizations of all sizes looking to replace legacy identity tools with a new authentication system with biometric capabilities. Rapid Identity can be deployed in weeks, rather than months or years.

ImageWare Systems, Inc.

ImageWare Systems The 5 Best Biometric Authentication Platforms of 2018

ImageWare’s GoVerifyID is a comprehensive product suite well suited for SMBs, Enterprises, MSSPs, and large consumer or citizen systems. The flexible setup of their authentication methods allows enterprises to select the level of security and convenience desired.

Ben Canner