5 Best Identity Management Courses on Udemy to Consider for 2021

5 Best Identity Management Courses on Udemy to Consider for 2021

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best identity management courses on Udemy to consider if you’re looking to grow your skills.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best identity management courses on Udemy if you’re looking to grow your cybersecurity skills for work or play. Udemy is one of the top online education platforms in the world with more than 130,000 courses, expert instruction, and lifetime access that allows you to learn on your own schedule. As you can see below, we included the best identity management on Udemy across a range of proficiency levels. Click GO TO TRAINING to learn more and register. 

5 Best Identity Management Courses on Udemy to Consider for 2021

Note: We only included courses with a rating of 4 Stars or better.  

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Our Take: Rassoul Zadeh is has been an IT and Security expert since 1999 and is the author of a few cybersecurity books.

Description: Identity and Access Management is a fundamental and critical cybersecurity capability, to ensure the right people and things have the right access to the right resources at the right time. In this course, you will learn about different components of Identity and Access Management, security considerations, and some labs and examples.

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Learn AWS Identity Management with AWS IAM, SSO & Federation

Our Take: Neal Davis is the founder of Digital Cloud Training, a highly experienced AWS Cloud Solutions Architect, and a successful IT instructor.

Description: This AWS Identity Management with AWS IAM, SSO & Federation course teaches you the fundamentals of Identity Management in Amazon AWS from beginner to advanced. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of IAM Users, Groups, Roles, and Policies as well as Federation Services. We use a highly visual and effective method of teaching cloud computing and AWS concepts using diagrams and animations (no bullet-point slides). There are lots of hands-on exercises using multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) free tier accounts to give you practical experience of complex scenarios. If you find identity security complex, you’re far from alone. This course will help you master these topics and by the end of the course, you’ll have developed a strong, practical understanding that you can use in your job. This course is also extremely useful if you are studying for AWS certifications such as the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional.

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Identity & Access Management – Azure Active Directory – 2020

Our Take: Anand Rao Nednur is a senior technical instructor and cloud consultant and is well-versed in identity management subjects. 

Description: In this course, students will gain an understanding of Azure directory service options and the benefits that it offers.

  • How to use a custom domain
  • How to manage users and groups,
  • How to use multi-factor authentication.
  • They will also look at how to work with Enterprise applications
  • They will also explore how to extend and deploy AD to the cloud.

We will also explore the options related to Self-service password reset, the features of Azure B2B and Azure B2C as well. For more details, please take a look at the course agenda and preview videos in this course.

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AWS Identity Access Management (IAM) Practical Applications

Our Take: Brian Choi has 25 years of experience as a programmer specializing in enterprise solutions. 

Description: Welcome to Amazon Web Service’s Identity and Access Management course with a focus on practical application to solve real-world problems.  The goal of this course is to give you hands-on knowledge to use on your AWS project. By the end of this course, you will have skills to know how to build solutions using IAM and more importantly why you should apply certain design patterns to solve your problems. The course is designed to start with the basic IAM building blocks that build upon one another towards more advanced concepts. There are a lot of demonstrations with quizzes and exercises to help you learn by doing. The major topics include IAM User, Group, Policy, Roles, and AWS Organization Service. This course includes a lot of demonstrations on how to apply these features in the real world use cases such as tag-based policy, cross-account roles, federated access, and much more. This course is intended for a technical audience with some familiarity with AWS. Ideal learners are software engineers, solution architects, and anyone who is building solutions in AWS. There is no prerequisite other than your curiosity and willingness to learn.

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Identity Access Management & Security Assessment and Testing

Our Take: CISSP Educator has ten years of experience of teaching students valuable cybersecurity knowledge. 

Description: Welcome to this course: CISSP Certification Domain 5 & 6: Identity and Access Management & Security Assessment and Testing. Access is one of the most exploited aspects of security because it is the gateway that leads to critical assets. This course covers provisioning and managing identities, and the access used in the interaction between humans and information systems. Access controls need to be applied in a layered defense-in-depth method, and an understanding of how these controls are exploited is extremely important. The core concepts of identification, authentication, authorization and accountability are covered in detail here. In this course, we will explore access control conceptually and then dig into the technologies the industry puts in place to enforce these concepts. We will also look at the common methods the bad guys use to attack these technologies. This course also covers some of the most important elements of security assessments and testing. It is divided into five sections. We start by discussing audit strategies, particularly the pros and cons of using our own internal auditors or bringing in external contractors. We then move on to approaches to testing our technical security controls. The third major section deals with testing our administrative controls, which are mostly implemented through policies. Finally, after we have enough empirical data to assess our posture, we discuss how to report our findings and how those findings play into the executive decision-making within the organization.

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Thanks for checking out our picks for the 5 Best Identity Management Courses on Udemy to Consider for 2021. For more cybersecurity information, check out our Identity Management Buyer’s Guide. Also, check out the Identity Management Solutions Suggestion Engine.

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