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The 5 Gartner Cool Vendors in Privacy Management, 2018 Report

Gartner 2018 privacy management vendors cool

Gartner 2018 privacy management vendors cool

Just a few days ago, major technology research firm Gartner released their anticipated “Gartner Cool Vendors in Privacy Management, 2018″ report. This report, in Gartner’s own words, “new combinations of capabilities and functions, and applications of new technology that enhance privacy protection and support the privacy management program.”

“Awareness of privacy risk as well as of the need to comply with strengthened regulatory requirements worldwide has driven technology and service providers (TSPs) to create new solutions and integration options for various capabilities.”

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In the wake of GDPR’s upcoming enforcement deadline, maintaining data privacy for customers, clients, employees, and partners is more important to enterprises than ever. Privacy solutions are becoming more integrated even as new challenges such as AI arise.

The 5 Vendors in the “Gartner Cool Vendors in Privacy Management, 2018” report are as follows:

Advanced Metadata

Based in Ireland, Advanced Metadata uses artificial intelligence to help enterprises maintain GDPR compliance. Their solution is designed to automatically uncover regulatory compliance issues via metadata-driven data analysis.


Based in New York City, Anonos’ product can create non-identifying personal data for GDPR compliant data-sharing with external and internal parties and machine learning. Anonos can reduce linkage attacks and bypass the privacy-violating relinking of data in day-to-day business.


Operating out of both New York and Tel Aviv, BigID offers a single-pane-of-glass interface for their privacy features. Through this identity-data centralization, BigID supports machine learning and underpinned graph indexing.


Another vendor based out of Tel Aviv, D-ID relies on artificial intelligence and image-based identification to protect against automated facial recognition privacy risks. Their solution produces original images recognizable to the human eye with unnoticeable changes to disturb facial recognition algorithms as part of regulatory compliance.


Based in Hod HaSharon in Israel, InnoSec integrates compliance, risk, and vulnerability management into a singular, GDPR compliant solution. Their solution uses an automated risk scoring for privacy compliance gaps and combines privacy management with risk management.   

You can download the full “Gartner Cool Vendors in Privacy Management, 2018” report here.

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