Fischer International Launches Authenticator: A Multifactor Authentication Solution


Fischer International, a Florida-based Identity-as-a-Service vendor, recently announced the release of the Fischer Authenticator, a multifactor authentication and passwordless login solution.

The Fischer Authenticator incorporates more well-known security tools—such as fingerprint biometric scanning and frequently reset pin codes—as well as pattern codes that can include virtual combination locks, bluetooth proximity with registered user devices, and geofencing which creates a geographic perimeter in which user logins are considered valid.

According to Fischer, it is now more important than ever that organizations provide multifactor authentication. “With hackers charging forward, taking advantage of even the lowest profile of user to gain an edge [on enterprises], securing your high-profile users as well as your end users has become a fundamental pillar and necessary investment to more fully secure [operating environments].”

Fischer is positioning its new solution as part of a paradigm shift to move past passwords as the core of authentication and identity management. “Passwords alone cannot provide adequate protection from unauthorized access, especially for high-value targets. You can only enforce password entropy to a level acceptable to end users without burdening your help desk, and force users to change their passwords so many times or in so many ways before the user experience begins to degrade,” said Fischer in their release.

You can see the full release here.

Ben Canner

Ben Canner is an enterprise technology writer and analyst covering Identity Management, SIEM, Endpoint Protection, and Cybersecurity writ large. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Clark University in Worcester, MA. He previously worked as a corporate blogger and ghost writer. You can reach him via Twitter and LinkedIn.
Ben Canner