ForgeRock Releases Third Annual Identity Breach Report

ForgeRock Releases Third Annual Identity Breach Report

ForgeRock today released the findings from its third annual Identity Breach Report. According to the report, the year 2020 marks another year with identity as the weakest component of internet security. The report compiles security event information affecting consumers around the world with year-over-year comparisons. 

ALERT: Cyber threats don’t rest, even during global pandemics. You can learn more with the Solutions Review Identity Management Buyer’s Guide and our other resources.

ForgeRock offers its Identity Platform, which encompasses identity management, directory services, and identity gateways. Also, it manages identity relationships of workforces across on-premises, in the cloud, or on mobile environments without requiring changes in privacy settings. Moreover, it develops commercial open-source identity and access management products for the internet of things, cloud, and mobile environments. 

In the ForgeRock Identity Breach Report 2021, unauthorized access was the most reported type of breach at 43 percent. In a third of all breaches, hackers had easy access to personally identifiable information due to common security challenges such as reused passwords. Worse, attacks involving usernames and passwords increased a staggering 450 percent over 2019; this led to over a billion compromised records in the United States alone. 

While some readers may suspect that the number of breaches on high-profile corporations may have increased, the evidence doesn’t suggest that to be the case. In fact, the number of mega-breaches decreased in 2020 even as the number of breaches overall increased. Additionally, the number of breaches involving less than 100 million records rose 50 percent. Small businesses are at risk. 

Eve Maler, Chief Technology Officer at ForgeRock, gave this as part of the report’s executive statement. “The world’s move to remote life significantly contributed to the increases in stolen data, proving that malicious actors are adaptable, nimble, and relentless. But it’s possible to turn the tables on attackers by taking a few simple steps to implement identity and access management (IAM) best practices to ensure optimal security hygiene.”

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Ben Canner