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Identity Customer Success Story – Shiseido by Idaptive

The Solutions Review First-Ever IAM Insight Jam Recap

Identity Customer Success Story – Shiseido by Idaptive

As part of the first-ever Solutions Review IAM Insight Jam, we’ve asked solution providers to share their customer success stories and case studies. Here, identity and access management provider Idaptive shares an identity customer success story concerning the Shiseido Company. Check it out!

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Identity Customer Success Story – Shiseido


Shiseido Company was originally founded as a small family pharmacy in Ginza, Tokyo in 1872. Nearly 150 years later, the company employs workers in 120 countries and is the largest cosmetics firm in Japan. Shiseido has grown to become one of the most prominent global suppliers of personal care products, ranging from skincare to haircare to cosmetics and fragrances.

Throughout its storied history, Shiseido has undergone a number of transformations. As the digital revolution took hold in the 2000s, Shiseido’s developed a management strategy called VISION 2020, part of which includes a priority goal of strengthening its IT infrastructure by transitioning to cloud-based applications in an effort to better enable file sharing, content management, and global collaboration. At the time, Shiseido was relying on out outdated, legacy IT processes and infrastructure.

As part of this desire to simplify and modernize its IT portfolio, Shiseido identified a need for a comprehensive identity and access management solution for its 30,000 employees around the globe. Employees would need seamless access to their countless apps, devices, and services.

The solution had to be nimble and easily scalable – and a Single Sign-On (SSO) feature was a must-have. Without SSO, Shiseido estimated there would be a significant reduction in user productivity associated with managing the numerous log-ins, and an associated increase in IT support and administrative work to keep everything running smoothly.


Idaptive provided Next-Gen Access Cloud and SSO laid the foundation for Shiseido’s Identity-as-a-Service capabilities in Japan, while also creating user interfaces that could be easily adapted and translated into different languages across the globe. This quickly became the keystone of Shiseido’s global authentication infrastructure, integrating IaaS with their Active Directory in Japan to enable worldwide employees to leverage single sign-on via the App Gateway.

Employees listed in the company’s Active Directory no longer needed separate credentials for cloud-based applications, and immediately saw tangible improvements in productivity (not to mention frustration levels) when given single sign-on capabilities.


In addition, Shiseido found that onboarding new employees and signing up new users became demonstrably more efficient. Man-hours were reduced through the use of more precise tools that allowed for easier case-by-case management, such as monitoring specific employees’ access to and use of cloud-based apps, removing or retiring employees, or providing for extended leaves of absence without having to manually update or override Active Directory.

In short, Shiseido and its global employee network saved time and money while improving its security posture. User satisfaction has skyrocketed, and managing employee lifecycles is simplified.

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Thanks to Idaptive for this customer success story! To hear more like this identity customer success story, and more about other identity providers, check out our Identity Management Buyer’s Guide! We cover the top solution providers in the market and their key capabilities.

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