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Identity Management Case Study: Beverage Retailer by Optimal IdM

The Solutions Review First-Ever IAM Insight Jam Recap

Identity Management Case Study: Beverage Retailer by Optimal IdM

As part of the first-ever Solutions Review IAM Insight Jam, we’ve asked solution providers to share their customer success stories and case studies. Here, identity and access management provider Optimal IdM shares an identity management case study concerning a beverage retailer. Check it out!

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Identity Management Case Study: Beverage Retailer


A large retailer of coffee and tea with more than 25,000 stores in 75 countries needed more flexibility and customization from their IAM solution to scale effectively. Specifically, the company wanted partners to be able to use and manage their own identities but did not want to create more administrative work and cause a drain on productivity by storing them in a directory separate from their own internal users.

In addition, the company needed to implement the following:

  • Self-registration
  • Multi-level delegated administration and an administrative workflow model
  • A private cloud that would replace and manage data from the existing external directory


The company opted for a private, dedicated cloud IDaaS offering which included self-registration, workflow approval, and multi-level delegated administration with relationship managers and delegated administrators. It was paramount for the company that the new solution offered administrators a complete user management system that included a robust delegated administrative identity management system.

The company was also able to give their IT team the power to set credentials and check-ins at a frequency best suited for them. Options that focused on the background setting have allowed the team to rollout a new protection paradigm without employees noticing much of a change. By building user requests into their workflow, information is now quickly pushed to administrators for approval or denial. The delegated administration model maintains updates to authentication lists, giving the company a granular look at current security without the need for a multi-step sign-on each time, even if it is a multi-factor identification protocol.


The new solution has increased efficiency and productivity. It has helped save the company money on training, development and management hours. It has also given the company the ability to test different apps, protocols, and languages before rolling them out which has added more flexibility to scale and grow in new directions.

How to Learn More

Thanks to Optimal IdM for sharing this case study! To learn more, check out the IAM Insight Jam with the hashtag #IAMInsightJam on Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, check out the updated Identity Management Buyer’s Guide for more on Optimal IdM and other solution providers!

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