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Key Findings – The Forrester Wave: IDaaS For Enterprise, Q2 2019

Key Findings - The Forrester Wave: IDaaS For Enterprise, Q2 2019

Key Findings - The Forrester Wave: IDaaS For Enterprise, Q2 2019

Disclaimer: The opinions described in this article belong to the researchers and editors of The Forrester Wave: Identity-As-A-Service (IDaaS) For Enterprise, Q2 2019 report. Solutions Review does not expressly condone any individual solution or solution provider.

Cambridge, MA-based analyst house Forrester Research has recently released the latest iteration of its flagship Wave Report; this report is entitled “The Forrester Wave: Identity-As-A-Service (IDaaS) For Enterprise, Q2 2019.”

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In a 37-criterion evaluation of IDaaS for Enterprise, researchers Andras Cser, Merritt Maxim, Stephanie Balaouras, Matthew Flug, and Peggy Dostie identify the 10 most significant providers in the market space.

The 10 providers listed in the Forrester Wave: IDaaS for Enterprise, Q2 2019 include Google, IBM, Idaptive, Microsoft, Okta, OneLogin, OpenText, Ping Identity, Secret Double Octopus, and Simeio Solutions.  

The Wave Report describes Forrester’s findings on IDaaS for Enterprise; moreover, it examines how each provider meets its researchers’ evaluation criteria. With this information, the Forrester researchers place each vendor on a graph labeling them as Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers in relation to one another.

The editors of Solutions Review read the Forrester Wave IDaaS for Enterprise 2019 report. Here’s what we learned.

Key Capabilities in IDaaS for Enterprise

The Forrester Wave Report outlines some of the key capabilities of modern Identity-As-A-Service solutions. These include:

  • API security and solution APIs,  including enforcement of access control on API calls.
  • Provide full IDaaS on native mobile applications.
  • Offers strong integration and implementation partner networks.
  • The ability to thoroughly replace legacy web access management or SSO solutions.  

Of course, these don’t cover the full capabilities of IDaaS for Enterprise solutions. Other capabilities include Mobile IDaaS functionality, identity and access management policy administration, user directory support, and reporting.

Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers

Only two of the 10 vendors receive the label of Leader in the Forrester Wave Report: Okta and Idaptive. The former receives praise for its user directory integration, access management policy definition, and expansion of hybrid workloads. Meanwhile, the latter garners attention for its identity threat intelligence, granular and flexible SaaS app access policies, and API documentation.

OneLogin, Microsoft, Google, Ping Identity, and IBM all receive the title of Strong Performers for IDaaS for Enterprise.

  • OneLogin for its expansion into on-premises apps’ policy management.
  • Microsoft for its strong risk-based access controls.
  • Google for its RBAC and role assignment policy definitions.
  • Ping Identity for its passwordless authentication protocols.
  • IBM for its new identity solution for the cloud.

Simultaneously, Simeio and OpenText receive recognition as Contenders. Forrester praises Simeio for having “the most complete agent-based and self-sovereign identity framework vision.” Meanwhile, OpenText earns its spot through its RBA and application-level authorization.

Finally, Secret Double Octopus serves as the only Challenger, so named for its emphasis on passwordless authentication.

You can download the full Forrester Wave: Identity-As-A-Service (IDaaS) For Enterprise, Q2 2019 report here.

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