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Okta Unveils Okta FastPass at Oktane20 Live

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Okta Unveils Okta FastPass at Oktane20 Live

Okta today announced the Okta FastPass, a passwordless login tool, at the virtual Oktane20 Live conference. Okta FastPass offers a passwordless login experience across devices and operating systems. Previously, Okta discovered that 37 percent of employees cannot access critical information if they forget their passwords. 

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Okta operates as an identity and access management solution provider that provides cloud software for secure user authentication. Its Okta Identity Cloud enables secure connections between trusted employees and at proper times; additionally, Okta’s Single Sign-On provides adaptive authentication and real-time security reporting.  

According to a press release, Okta FastPass operates through the Okta Verify application. When a user makes an account on the app, it begins a persistent session with Okta; afterward, when the user accesses an Okta-managed application, the end-user does not need to input a password. Additionally, it integrates with biometric authentication for strong authentication security. Okta announced the new tool’s availability on Early Access in the coming months; customers can purchase it as part of Single Sign-On in the Okta Workforce Identity product line.

Diya Jolly, Chief Product Officer at Okta, gave a statement with the announcement. “IT teams are tasked with operating vast technology ecosystems made up of a diverse set of applications, operating systems, and devices, all focused on providing choice and flexibility to their workforces. Going passwordless not only makes employees happy, but it can make them more secure by relying on stronger factors like biometrics. Okta FastPass eliminates the need for a password regardless of an employee’s device choice.” 

Learn more about Okta here. Learn more about Oktane20 Live here.

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