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One Identity Reveals New Personal Password Vault Feature

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One Identity Reveals New Personal Password Vault Feature

One Identity today announced a new feature to its One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords solution: the Personal Password Vault. The Safeguard solution manages and secures the use of corporate personal passwords to access corporate third-party accounts. The Personal Password Vault feature is immediately available, with the basic service free for all Safeguard customers’ employees.  

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One Identity provides enterprises with identity-centered security strategies, offering an integrated portfolio of identity management features. These include AD account lifecycle management, identity governance and administration, and privileged access management. Additionally, it can deploy its solutions on on-prem, cloud, or hybrid infrastructures.   

The One Identity Personal Password Vault allows corporate users to store their passwords for online accounts to service in an individual vault. Therefore, this helps to ensure organizations can exhibit proper control over its credentials. Additionally, it enforces policy adherence concerning personal password use for corporate accounts.

For example, through the vault, users can receive reminders to change passwords according to organizational policy. Moreover, it can help generate randomized passwords during password rotation to improve identity security. Further, the Personal Password Vault allows for the auditing of compliance activity to passwords stored in the vaults.

Darrell Long, Vice President for Product Management at One Identity, gave a statement. “Privileged accounts mean much more than access to the foundational systems for enterprise IT; they can mean the accounts used to procure materials, be productive, and even book travel. Managing personal passwords used to access these services is a critical part of an organization’s security and compliance strategy.” 

“We innovated the new Safeguard Personal Password Vault to provide a convenient way to securely store and manage those passwords—across all employees in the organization.”   

Learn more about One Identity here. 

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