Ping Identity Announces PingIntelligence for APIs Update

Ping Identity Announces PingIntelligence for APIs Update

This morning, Denver-based identity and access management solution provider Ping Identity announced significant updates to their PingIntelligence for APIs solution. PingIntelligence for APIs is API cybersecurity solution which utilizes artificial intelligence to protect these valuable attack vectors.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) refers to functions and procedures allowing applications to access operating system data or the data of another application. This access can vastly improve, or is vital to, the functioning of the applications in question.

However, this system access by APIs often proves perilous; according to technology research firm Gartner, by 2022 APIs will be the most-frequent source of data breaches.

Ping Identity found in a previously-released survey on enterprise APIs that 51% of IT professionals aren’t sure if their security team knows about all the APIs in their enterprise’s network; on average enterprises manage 363 APIs across their network. 45% of respondents say they aren’t confident in their security team’s ability to detect bad actors accessing their interfaces.  

PingIntelligence for APIs Update

In their update for the PingIntelligence for APIs solution, Ping Identity announced a new AI-based cloud-based intelligence trial which allows enterprises to experience deep visibility into their total API activity.

In addition, the update allows the PingIntelligence for APIs solution to fill in security gaps in anomalous behavior detection, including login systems attacks, data theft, and remote application control. The solution update also serves to broaden the security coverage through API gateway integration to support Splunk environments.    

Bernard Harguindeguy, Chief Technology Officer at Ping Identity, said in a statement: “Many of the recent API abuses and attacks took months and years to detect, further reinforcing the need for IT leaders to build API-security focused teams.”

You can read about the full details of the PingIntelligence for APIs solution update by Ping Identity here. You can read Ping Identity’s survey on enterprise APIs here.  

Ben Canner