Ping Identity Announces PingOne for Customers Preview

Ping Identity Announces PingOne for Customers Preview

This morning, identity and access management and privileged access management provider Ping Identity released the public preview of their latest offering: PingOne for Customers. PingOne for Customers is a customer-focused IDaaS solution designed for application developers; it is designed to provide API-based identity services to developers’ customer-facing applications.

According to their press release, Ping Identity stated they intend PingOne for Customers to help developers embed cloud-based identity services into their consumer-facing applications. A key advertised feature is the option to embed profile management, login, registration, and multi-factor authentication. The solution is also designed to offer documentation and developer-friendly APIs, as well as tenant-in-tenant architecture. PingOne for Customers also provides support for various identity standards including OAuth and OpenID Connect.      

Steve Shoaff, Chief Product Officer of Ping Identity, said in a statement: “The developer community wants to build applications and just leverage a service for securing login and registration, versus creating the capabilities themselves in their app…By providing easy to integrate identity services, developers can focus on other high-value work and their enterprise customers can rest assured their applications are secure.”

According to Ping Identity, enterprises continue to struggle with integration and support new cloud and SaaS offerings into their existing application identity infrastructures. They also cite a statement from Forrester Research Making The Business Case for Identity and Access Management: “The IDaaS model provides a much faster deployment model by eliminating the need for security and risk pros to purchase and deploy.”

CIAM, in general, has received renewed recognition in the wake of the devastating Marriott data breach over the weekend which affected 500 million customers. With calls for more guarantees of consumer privacy and PII security, CIAM products, especially those on the cloud, will become an increasing priority for large businesses looking to digitally transform and startups alike.

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Ben Canner