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SecZetta: The Risks of Non-Employee Access [VIDEO]

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SecZetta: The Risks of Non-Employee Access [VIDEO]

In a recent video interview, Solutions Review Founder and CEO Doug Atkinson sat down with David Pignolet. Mr. Pignolet serves as CEO and President of SecZetta. As an identity and access management solution provider, SecZetta specializes in non-employee access and the non-employee identity lifecycle.

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In their interview, Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Pignolet discuss third-party access, the risks inherent in ungoverned access, and how enterprises can deal with these challenges effectively.

Why Worry about Non-Employee Access?

Mr. Pignolet states identity management for the enterprise has matured. However, non-employee access continues to suffer due to the neglect of the third-party identity itself. This identity includes the relationship of the non-employee user with the enterprise and even key details about the user.

Generally, enterprises must step up to secure their non-employee access, starting with the proper onboarding processes; as an example, the onboarding for a non-employee should resemble the onboarding process for a regular employee. Moreover, each third-party should have their access curbed by role management. Through role management, enterprises limit non-employee permissions to their specific job descriptions and functions.

In other words, governance over identities—both employee and non-employee—remains key to long-term identity security maturity and success. Every enterprise has non-employees accessing their networks and digital assets: customers, partners, vendors, applications, etc. Thus, neglecting their security means neglecting to get the full value of your cybersecurity solutions.     

Now’s the Time to Evaluate Third Party Access

We don’t want to spoil the whole interview; indeed, their conversation is too engaging to pass up. Instead, you can watch the full video interview between Mr. Atkinson and Mr. David Pignolet of SecZetta on the importance of non-employee access management here.

Also, be sure to check out the Solutions Review YouTube channel as well. We regularly conduct interviews with exciting experts in cybersecurity and in other technology categories.  

Thanks to Mr. Pignolet of SecZetta for his time and expertise!

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