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Solutions Review Announces Solutions Suggestion Engine for IT Decision-Makers

Solutions Review Announces Solutions Suggestion Engine for IT Decision-Makers

Solutions Review Announces Solutions Suggestion Engine for IT Decision-Makers

Solutions Review today announces the release of the Solutions Suggestion Engine. Currently available in beta, The Solutions Suggestion Engine matches organizations’ IT decision-makers with Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools that fit their use cases for free. 

The Solutions Suggestion Engine uses a proprietary algorithm developed by Solutions Review to suggest IAM software via millions of permutations. These permutations assign your profile a unique score based on your assessment of the importance of key capabilities including multifactor authentication, identity governance, and automated provisioning. Then, the Suggestion Engine compares your score to the self-submitted profiles from vendors, which states their individual strengths and use cases. Finally, users receive a rank-matched report of the top 3 solution providers befitting their needs.

Through the Solutions Suggestion Engine, business leaders receive their free personalized reports on potential vendor matches only seven seconds after activation. Further, Solutions Review does not put its finger on the scale; all profiles from users and solution providers are submitted independently, allowing the matching algorithm to operate without bias.  

The vendor-created profiles featured in the Suggestion Engine include Auth0, Avatier, Curity, DigitalRoute, Fischer Identity, ForgeRock, FusionAuth, Identity Automation, My1Login, Optimal IdM, Ping Identity, PlainID, Radiant Logic, SecZetta, Simeio Solutions, Tools4Ever, Ubisecure, and Xton Technologies.

“From the day we first launched Solution Review we have been focused on providing resources to help buyers of enterprise software to find the best vendors for them. Today we are announcing our most ambitious buying tool yet: The Solutions Suggestion Engine – an algorithm matching system that takes profiles submitted by a prospective buyer and rank-matches them against the top solution vendors,” said Doug Atkinson, President and Founder of Solutions Review.  

“Over the past three months, we have worked directly with the top 20 Identity Management solution providers to develop unique detailed profiles of their key features, unique value propositions, and target markets. This comprehensive collection of Identity Management vendor profiles is now ready for buyers to be matched with. Our suggestion engine algorithm runs through 10 million matching permutations to deliver the final 3 best solutions for your unique organizational needs.”

The Solutions Suggestion Engine is the first such technology developed by Solutions Review. It plans to expand the Suggestion Engine’s enterprise technology categories in the future, broadening the potential matches between vendors and businesses. 

You can register for the Solutions Review Suggestion Engine here.  

About Solutions Review

Solutions Review is a vendor-neutral collection of business software news and resource sites that aggregates, curates, and creates the leading content to connect buyers and sellers. Over the past six years, Solutions Review has launched 20 distinct and category-specific Buyer’s Guide sites for technologies ranging from Enterprise Cloud to Data Integration, as well as Enterprise Resource Management, Identity and Access Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Network Monitoring, Backup and Recovery, and SIEM.

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