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Solutions Review Presents Our IAM Video Crash Course

Ten Top Identity and Access Management Online Courses for Professionals

Solutions Review Presents Our IAM Video Crash Course

Solutions Review presents our IAM Video Crash Course, courtesy of the Solutions Review Explores and Solutions Review Defines series. 

It remains unclear how long the United States needs to stay socially distant; best estimates put the reopening date well past May 1. Therefore, most of us shall need to stay at home. However, working from home can offer plenty of opportunities for growth and improvement. In fact, this break in normal workflows allows cybersecurity professionals to catch up on their identity and access management (IAM) skills. Alternatively, social distancing may offer your IT security team the time to gather resources and information for selecting a new identity management solution. 

In that spirit, Solutions Review proudly presents an IAM Video Crash Course. These videos can help you refresh your basic identity management and cybersecurity knowledge or help make strong IT decisions. 

Check out the videos here. Also, check out our Solutions Review Youtube channel for more on cybersecurity. 

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The Solutions Review IAM Video Crash Course

What is Privileged Access Management?

For the first entry in our IAM Video Crash Course covers the core of many identity management policies: PAM. Privileged access management both secures and monitors the most powerful users in your network; if their credentials fall into the wrong hands, then your whole system may end up compromised. 

Check out the video here

What is IGA? (Identity Governance and Administration)

One of the most neglected aspects of identity management and cybersecurity is identity governance and administration. IGA helps monitor and restrict privileges held by all users; additionally, it can restrict privileges to certain predefined roles in the infrastructure. In fact, identity governance and administration can completely change the effectiveness of your cybersecurity. 

Check out the video here

What is Biometric Authentication? 

Biometric authentication represents the newest branch of identity management, and for good reason; study after study confirms that single-factor authentication (especially passwords) inadequately protects enterprise assets and logins. Biometrics represent a much stronger authentication option, as they are almost impossible to steal or forget. 

Check out the video here.     

The Evolution of IAM (Identity Access Management)

Curious about how the demands on identity management changed over the years? Or about how identity management’s capabilities evolved to meet those new demands. This entry in our IAM Video Crash Course covers all of that material and more. 

Check out the video here.   

What is Multifactor Authentication?

Speaking of biometric authentication and IAM evolution, we take a brief look at multifactor authentication in this video. Multifactor authentication offers one of the most powerful tools in the cybersecurity arsenal against hackers; every factor between an access request and the database makes a breach that much less likely. 

Check out the video here.  

What is Identity Federation? 

This special entry in our IAM Video Crash Course offers perspective on another misunderstood and undervalued aspect of identity management. Identity federation is not the same thing as single sign-on (SSO), although it belongs in a similar category. In fact, it can help with your third-party IAM and your more remote workers in the same layer of identity security. 

Check out the video here

Top 3 Key Capabilities of Privileged Access Management

We provided an overview about privileged access management above. Here, we dive deeper into its key capabilities. Knowing what PAM can offer your enterprise can make all the difference in your IT decision-making. 

Check out the video here

Top 3 Key Capabilities of Identity Governance and Administration 

Additionally, we dive into identity governance and administration’s capabilities from a cybersecurity perspective. Again, IGA rarely gets mentioned in typical business security discourses, and the absence is palpable. Take the first step to correcting it here.

Check out the video here

What is Access Creep? A.k.a Privilege Creep

Our final entry in the IAM Video Crash Course covers the major issue IGA works to prevent: access creep. After all, this insidious challenge can completely subvert your cybersecurity policies and strategies if not properly handled. 

Check out the video here.

IAM Video Crash Course: How to Learn More

Check out our Identity Management Buyer’s Guide. We cover the top solution providers and their key capabilities in detail. Also, check out our Privileged Access Management and Identity Governance Buyer’s Guides

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