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Solutions Review Releases Mid-2020 Buyer’s Guide for Biometric Authentication

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Solutions Review Releases Mid-2020 Buyer’s Guide for Biometric Authentication

Solutions Review is releasing its newly updated Buyer’s Guide for Biometric Authentication for mid-2020 to assist organizations during the research and discovery phase of buying privileged security and cybersecurity software. Gathered via a meta-analysis of available online materials, Solutions Review editors compile each Buyer’s Guide via research, analyst reports, conversations with subject matter experts and vendor representatives, and the examination of product demonstrations.

Top providers highlighted include: Centrify, Fischer Identity, HID Global, Identity Automation, and Imageware Systems. 

Solutions Review is a collection of business software news and resource sites that aggregates, curates and creates the leading content to connect buyers and sellers. Over the past six years, Solutions Review has launched 20 distinct and category-specific Buyer’s Guide sites for technologies ranging from Enterprise Cloud to Data Management, as well as Enterprise Resource Management, Identity and Access Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Backup and Recovery, and Endpoint Security.

In addition to the mid-2020 Biometric Authentication Buyer’s Guide, we also offer a Vendor Map that charts providers across PAM, IGA, and IDaaS capabilities—the perfect resource for companies who want enterprise-grade cybersecurity integration tools. You can download that resource here.

Solutions Review also recently launched Demo Days, an exclusive virtual trade show featuring an inside look at the technologies of prominent analytics and data management vendors. Solutions Review hosts these new, quarterly online events as a way to present the latest analytics and data management tools to practitioners from the comfort and safety of their own desk, and the best part? Demo Days are free to attend! 

More than six million technology professionals will use Solutions Review to help them evaluate business software this year. Solutions Review is a completely vendor-agnostic resource and does not endorse any individual product or service.

View and download the 2020 Buyer’s Guide for Biometric Authentication here.

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