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The 11 Coolest Identity Management CEOs of 2019

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The 11 Coolest Identity Management CEOs of 2019

Rarely does the CEO need a formal introduction, but they deserve one nonetheless. They set the company direction, define the company’s culture and values, and build the entire leadership team. The CEO guides the company to see its goals fulfilled—which is essential for a market as demanding as identity and access management

Each identity management CEO brings their own set of skills and perspective that can greatly influence their solutions. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 Coolest Identity Management CEOs of 2019. We list them below, by company name in alphabetical order:   

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The 11 Coolest Identity Management CEOs of 2019

Tim Steinkopf, Centrify

Centrify CEO Tim SteinkopfStarting our list of the coolest Identity Management CEOs of 2019, Tim Steinkopf serves as CEO at Centrify. Therefore, he guides the PAM provider as it grows its product offerings and global footprint. Previously, Mr. Steinkopf served as Centrify’s CFO, and before that as CFO at Secure Computing Corporation (acquired by McAfee) and Purfresh. Also, Mr. Steinkopf held executive and management positions with Watt/Peterson and Ernst & Young. He holds a B.S. in Accounting and Computer Science from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. 

Udi Mokady, CyberArk

CyberArk CEOUdi Mokady serves as the Chairman and CEO of CyberArk. In fact, he co-founded the company in 1999. Prior to becoming CEO in 2005, Mr. Mokady served as CyberArk’s Chief Operating Officer, overseeing its global expansion, management, execution, and corporate development. Throughout his tenure at CyberArk, he worked to help enterprises recognize the perils of privileged access to their overall cybersecurity. Prior to CyberArk, Mr. Mokady specialized in legal management and business development for international high-tech companies. He previously served as the general counsel at Tadiran Spectralink.

Danny Kibel, Idaptive

Idaptive CEO Danny KibelContinuing our list of the coolest Identity Management CEOs of 2019, Danny Kibel serves as Chief Executive Officer at Idaptive. Thus he leads the overall strategy and vision for this newcomer to the identity and access management market. Prior to taking the helm at Idaptive, Mr. Kibel served as Vice President of Engineering & Operations at Centrify. Mr. Kibel graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a degree in Computer Science. Also, he later earned an MBA in Marketing and Technology Management from Tel Aviv University.

James Litton, Identity Automation

James Litton - Identity Automation CEO The 11 Coolest Identity Management CEOs of 2019James Litton founded Identity Automation and serves as its CEO. Thus Mr. Litton leads the development and execution of Identity Automation’s growth strategy with more than 27 years of experience. Additionally, Mr. Litton guided Identity Automation as it transitioned from a software to a pure-play subscription software product company. Before founding Identity Automation, Mr. Litton served as the Head of IT for Cray, a global supercomputing company. Also, Mr Litton has held executive leadership positions at Symantec Software, Veritas, and Coca-Cola.

Todd McKinnon, Okta

Todd McKinnon - Okta CEO The 11 Coolest Identity Management CEOs of 2019Todd McKinnon serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Okta. Moreover, he also co-founded the provider. As such, Mr. McKinnon creates, communicates, and implements the overall vision and strategy for the company. Prior to Okta, Mr. McKinnon served as the Head of Engineering at McKinnon earned his B.S. in Management and Information Systems from Brigham Young University and his M.S. in Computer Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  Also, McKinnon regularly contributes to industry publications.

Brad Brooks, OneLogin

Brad Brooks - OneLogin CEO The 11 Coolest Identity Management CEOs of 2019Another entrant in our list of coolest identity management CEOs of 2019, Brad Brooks is CEO and President of OneLogin. Before joining OneLogin, Mr. Brooks served as DocuSign’s Chief Marketing Officer and in leadership roles with Juniper Networks. Before that, he led the Microsoft Windows brand and consumer business as Corporate Vice President. Mr. Brooks holds a B.S. in International Business from California State University. Additionally, he has a Masters in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management.   

Michael Brengs, Optimal IdM

Optimal IdM Michael Brengs is Managing Partner and Chief Revenue Officer for Optimal IdM, but his leadership still places him on our list of coolest identity management CEOs of 2019. Mr. Brengs utilizes over 20 years of experience in the software industry in guiding Optimal IdM through the IAM marketplace; in fact, he brings with him years of experience in deploying identity management solutions. Previously, he served at OpenNetwork Technologies and Oblix. Mr. Brengs earned a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Southern Florida.

Andre Durand, Ping Identity 

Ping Identity CEOAndre Durand, CEO and Founder of Ping Identity, brings with him a lifetime of experience in enterprise technology. He founded Durand Communications in 1993 and Jabber in 2000; Cisco bought the latter in 2008. Since entering the identity management and security space in 2002 with Ping, Mr. Durand has significantly contributed to the market. For example, he founded and chairs the identity industry conference Identiverse—now in its 10th year. Andre holds a BA in Biology and Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara. 

Michel Prompt, Radiant Logic

Radiant Logic CEOMichel Prompt founded and serves as CEO of Radiant Logic. Prior to founding Radiant Logic, Mr. Prompt worked as a developer, researcher, and entrepreneur. He served as Senior Vice President of Client/Server Technology at Knowledgeware, now known as Sterling Software. Additionally, he founded Matesys SA in France, which introduced the first file-manager software. Mr. Prompt received his diploma from the Political Sciences Institute of Paris. He holds a Masters in Applied Mathematics and a degree in Advanced Studies in Computer Science from Paris Dauphine University.

Hemen Vimadalal, Simeio

Simeio CEOAs CEO of Simeio, Hemen Vimadalal directs and drives the overall vision and strategy for Simeio. Prior to founding Simeio, Mr.Vimadalal worked with Vaau—a role management and identity compliance provider— from its inception in 2001. As Regional Manager of Vaau, Mr.Vimadalal led many assessments and end-to-end implementations of role-based access control, user provisioning, identity auditing, identity certification, web services, and directory & password management products. Additionally, Mr. Vimadalal holds a Masters of Science degree from the University of Southern California. He also attended the University of Mumbai. 

Mark Klinchin, Xton Technologies

Xton Technologies CEO The 11 Coolest Identity Management CEOs of 2019Rounding out our list of coolest identity management CEOs of 2019, Mark Klinchin is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Xton Technologies. As such, he leads Xton’s product development, competition analysis, and product vision. In his previous roles, Mr. Klinchin served as a software product engineer and a CTO. He co-founded MetaVis Technologies in 2008 and was Chief Product Architect at Vital Path. In the latter role, he launched and designed their PathBuilder content management server. Also, Mr. Klinchin holds a Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics.

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