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The 30 Best Identity Management Companies For 2020

The 30 Best Identity Management Companies For 2020

The 30 Best Identity Management Companies For 2020

Solutions Review’s listing of the top Identity Management vendors is an annual mashup of products that best represent current market conditions, according to the crowd. Our editors selected the top Identity Management products based on each solution’s Authority Score, a meta-analysis of real user sentiment through the web’s most trusted business software review sites and our own proprietary five-point inclusion criteria.

Who are the 30 Best Identity Management Companies for 2020? 

Enterprise cybersecurity must build its foundation on identity and access management (IAM). In fact, experts contend that identity looks poised to subsume the entirety of business cybersecurity within the next few years. Also, IAM already constitutes the digital perimeter through authentication capabilities.

However, selecting the best identity management company to work with can prove a daunting task; after all, your business needs to weigh capabilities including Single Sign-On (SSO), multifactor authentication (MFA), and session monitoring. Additionally, your IT security team needs to weigh its own use case and compare it to different solution offerings. 

We’re here to help. That’s why our editors have compiled this list of the 30 best identity management companies for 2020. Moreover, you can check out our online IAM best practices for even more guides, advice, and how-to context. Note: the vendors are listed in alphabetical order, with only slight deviations due to acquisitions or rebranding.

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The 30 Best Identity Management Companies For 2020


Avatier Identity Management CompaniesWith its flagship Avatier Identity Anywhere platform, Avatier offers a suite of independently-licensed identity and access management products focused on offering usability. Also, its unique approach extends its IAM automation and self-service capabilities beyond the traditional enterprise use-cases. Therefore, Avatier’s solutions can help enterprises automate IT operations, conduct access certifications, and IT audits from any endpoint device. 


BroadcomSince acquiring CA Technologies in 2018, Broadcom folded CA Technologies’ end-to-end Identity Management portfolio with its Identity Suite, Secure Cloud IDaaS solution, Single Sign-On, Advanced Authentication, and Privileged Access Management Capabilities. In fact, Broadcom renamed its CA Technologies portfolio to the Layer7 Identity Management solution. Layer7 provides an integrated solution for on-premises and cloud application provisioning. 

HID Global (Crossmatch)

HID GlobalHID Global‘s Identity and Access Management offers deep MFA capabilities including contextual (risk-based) and application-based authentication. It allows administrators to manage accounts, roles, and user access privileges with familiar Active Directory tools. Thus, organizations can move away from passwords, opting instead for an intuitive user-client interface that presents a range of authentication options for access. 

Fischer Identity

Fischer IdentityFischer International provides its IAM solution: Identity as a Service (IaaS), an enterprise-grade full-suite identity solution for either your private cloud or on-premise servers. Also, Fischer Identity offers user provisioning for end-user full-lifecycle management, access governance, self-service password management, SSO/Federation, and five-factor authentication to securely manage identities in complex corporate environments. 


ForgeRockForgeRock offers a unique entry to this list of best identity management companies for 2020; distinctly, it offers one of the only open-source IAM platforms on the market. The ForgeRock Identity Platform builds on Sun Microsystem’s open-source IAM projects and includes a set of APIs, allowing for the development of new services ready for deployment in the cloud. Recently, its mobile enhancements to the platform support OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. 

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FusionAuthFusionAuth is a single-tenant CIAM solution for enterprise web and mobile applications. FusionAuth’s REST API works to scale from one to one billion users without creating complications in service. In fact, REST API installs with one command to provide secure on-premises or private cloud identity with login, registration, multifactor authentication, single sign-on, email templates & localization, role-based access control, and brute-force detection. seeks to simplify and secure employee access through its IAM solution. It offers a SaaS identity management solution that enables passwordless single sign-on and automates account lifecycle management. Instead of passwords, embraces cryptographic proof of possession using a mobile app or security keys which can dramatically reduce the risk of phishing and account takeover attacks; also, the solution boasts a Unified Directory.


IBM IBM entered the IDaaS market with a cloud-based IAM solution that offers multifactor authentication, SSO, and user lifecycle management. Additionally, IBM offers its Cloud Identity Service as a multi-tenant model, though some components can be delivered in a dedicated model. Additionally, the IBM Security Identity Governance platform provides strong end-to-end user lifecycle management, identity analytics, and enhanced password synchronization. 


Idaptive Idaptive delivers its Next-Gen Access solution designed to protect enterprises from data breaches through a zero-trust approach. Therefore, Idaptive secures access to applications and endpoints by verifying every user, validating its devices, and intelligently limiting access. Idaptive Next-Gen Access converges single single-on, adaptive multi-factor authentication, and user behavior analytics. Idaptive belongs on the list for best identity management companies for 2020. 

Identity Automation

identity automationIdentity Automation’s signature RapidIdentity product supports identity governance and administration capabilities, automated provisioning, access and account management in both on-premise and as-a-service deployments. Also, the solution boasts secure Single Sign-On access to nearly any enterprise system and multifactor authentication across all applications and databases. Additionally, Identity Automation provides provisioning, de-provisioning, and granular group management. 

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microsoftMicrosoft worked to strengthen its IAM capabilities since entering the IDaaS market in 2014. It continues to innovate and upgrade its Azure Active Directory (AAD) Premium service. AAD offers comparable capabilities to other major IDaaS offerings and includes access to Microsoft Identity Manager products for use with its on-premise systems. Microsoft also offers active directory services, federation services, multi-tenant support, and cloud-based directory services.


My1Login Identity Management CompaniesMy1Login seeks to utilize Single Sign-On and Privileged Password Management that works with all application types by controlling user access and centralizing identity. The SSO solution works for web, mobile, and non-browser applications in all kinds of architecture. Additionally, its Password Manager solutions offer Single Sign-On without revealing credentials, audited access to privileged accounts, and permission-based sharing. 

Micro Focus

Micro Focus Micro Focus owns the NetIQ identity and access management suite, a highly scalable set of solutions. In fact, this suite offers several optional add-ons, such as Access Review—an identity governance add-on—and the NetIQ Access Governance Suite. Micro Focus’ Identity Manager centralizes enterprise access administration and ensures that every user has one singular identity with strong provisioning capabilities ideal for a variety of business use cases.


okta Okta’s Identity Management Service provides centralized directory services, single sign-on, strong authentication, provisioning, workflow, and reporting. All of this is delivered as a multi-tenant IDaaS offering with some components operating on-premise. In addition to its strong industry-standard IDaaS capabilities, Okta also provides MDM and phone-as-a-token authentication capabilities for multifactor authentication policy implementation.


Omada 2020The Omada Identity Suite (OIS) provides an enterprise platform for identity management and identity governance that is available either by component or as a comprehensive system. Also, OIS features a flexible data model, excellent dashboards, and powerful reporting capabilities, including closed-loop reporting. User-facing elements of all identity lifecycle scenarios support a flexible data model for user entitlements. 

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One Identity 

One IdentityOne Identity offers solutions with a modular and integrated approach to user account management that provides rapid time-to-value. It does this by offering comprehensive functionality that allows customers to build on its existing security investments. Also, the One Identity Manager offers different solution “editions” offered to different industry verticals. Its primary strengths include governance and policy management, placing it among the best identity management companies for 2020.


OneLogin OneLogin provides on-demand IDaaS solutions consisting of Single Sign-On, multi-factor authentication, directory integration, user provisioning capabilities. Also, it includes a catalog of pre-integrated applications. OneLogin is provided via a multitenant architecture and provides strong capabilities and support for access management policy administration, user directory integration, and end-user self-service. 

Optimal IdM

Optimal IdM now represents a global provider of affordable identity and access management solutions. The company offers both on-premise solutions, such as its Virtual Identity Server and Federation and Identity Services, and cloud-hosted solutions such as OptimalCloud. Also, OptimalCloud provides a cloud-based federation and SSO solution. Further, Optimal IdM provides a single-tenant IDaaS offering via its Optimal Federation and Identity Services (OFIS).


oracle The Oracle Identity Governance Suite offers an integrated identity suite that centralizes security for enterprises’ applications and web services; it provides a single point of contact for support under a single license contract. In fact, the OIG is a highly complex, scalable, and flexible product. The Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) became available in late 2016. It certainly belongs on a list of best identity management companies for 2020. 

Ping Identity 

Ping identityPing Identity’s Identity Defined Security works to secure workforces and customers both on-premises and remote; it allows the right people to access the right things, securely and seamlessly. Also, Ping Identity works to accelerate its move to the cloud while delivering rich customer experience. Ping Identity can quickly onboard partners as part of their digital transformation. Ping’s enterprise IDaaS solution includes multi-factor authentication, Single Sign-On, and access security. 

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Radiant Logic

Radiant LogicA provider of federated identity systems based on virtualization, Radiant Logic delivers standards-based access to all identities within an organization. Its solution, the RadiantOne FID federated identity and directory service, enables customizable identity views built from disparate data silos. Of course, this drives critical authentication, authorization, and provisioning decisions for web access management, federation, cloud, and cloud directory deployments.


RSA Identity Management CompaniesRSA offers both IDaaS and traditional identity management and identity governance and administration solutions.  For example, RSA Identity Management and Governance is a highly scalable identity management suite built from separately licensed components. Meanwhile, it also offers a highly capable IDaaS suite composed of separately licensed SaaS point solutions; these include access control (SSO, MFA), governance, lifecycle management, MDM, and adaptive authentication.


SailPointSailPoint offers traditional Identity Management with its IdentityIQ solution. Additionally, its IdentityNow solutions offer multi-tenant Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS). The former is offered as a stand-alone, on-premises product with several optional add-ons. In fact, SailPoint’s Identity IQ is well-regarded for its strong identity governance capabilities and provisioning capabilities. Moreover, IdentityIQ is available as a hosted managed service for enterprises strapped for cybersecurity talent.


salesforce identity management companies 2020Salesforce entered the Identity and Access Management market in 2013 with the release of Salesforce Identity. This provides IDaaS both as an independent service and as part of its cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution offering. It features baseline IDaaS capabilities for establishing and enforcing enterprise-level access policy and provisioning. Salesforce belongs among the best identity management companies for 2020


SaviyntSaviynt enables enterprises to secure applications, data, and corporate infrastructure in a single cloud or on-premise platform. It approaches identity governance and administration holistically, offering cloud security, application GRC, and access governance. Additionally, Saviynt’s platform can facilitate and automate user access reviews, onboarding, offboarding, and lifecycle management. Also, it facilitates import access and usage data from applications in real-time or as a batch.

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SecureAuthSecureAuth supplements its multifactor authentication use cases with Single Sign-On with support for major federation protocols and a library of over 8,000 supported applications. The provider also features enhanced threat detection and customizable authentication workflows. These define different authentication workflows based on threats, risk, user, group of users, or application accessed. 


SecZetta identity management companies 2020SecZetta offers a suite of independently licensed products focused on offering ease of use and quick time-to-value. Its most prominent strength is its unique approach to managing non-employees; this includes a system of record for non-employees and extends business processes and delegated management to partners. Its solutions can help organizations effectively manage, automate and control the business process of third parties.


Simeio Identity Management Companies 2020Simeio Solutions offers a variety of IAM solutions as both dedicated cloud hosting or on-premise managed services. It offers IDaaS to clients who want consumer IAM and CIAM capabilities as a Service via on-premise, hosted on cloud or hybrid with a private cloud option available. Also, its identity security platform— Identity Orchestrator—allows clients to consume identity as a Service and to leverage previous investments, and manage its legacy IAM environments. 


Ubisecure Ubisecure specializes in high scale customer identity and access management use-cases. Its Identity Platform works to enhance an enterprise’s customer-facing applications by providing a high-quality experience. Moreover, Ubisecure’s Identity Platform offers adaptive authentication, allowing enterprises with strong customer identities to become Identity Providers through MFA and Centralized Authorization Policy Management. 


Tools4everWrapping up our list of the best identity management companies for 2020, we present Tools4ever. Tools4ever develops and provides standardized and affordable Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) solutions; its software suite includes access management, password management, authorization management, and AD and NTFS auditing tools and capabilities. Also, Tools4Ever enables self-service resets, centralized access reporting, detailed audit logs, and single sign-on. 

That concludes our list of the best identity management companies for 2020. Also, for more information, download our Identity Management Buyer’s Guide. Also, check out the Solutions Suggestion Engine.

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